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a competition between nations to have the most powerful armaments

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An arms race seems inevitable and this time it will include China, which is both an economic and military giant.
Today's nuclear, biological and other extreme weapons have changed the stakes and logic of battle, resulting in an arms race that has no analog in the natural world.
The conclusion I would reach here is that while complex interdependence between China and the United States tends to pull the two countries together, making war and arms races more costly and consequently less likely, the ideological gap tends to perpetuate tension.
Consequently, because arms races are not determined or essential but are socially constructed and subject to human agency, there is reason to hope that an arms race in space might be avoided from a constructivist perspective.
While five of the six previous articles in this collection are authored by physicists or engineers with technical expertise in matters of space weaponry (Grego, Shen, Chen, Wu, and Gubrud), this article is an attempt to bring a political science/international relations (IR) perspective to discussion of the potential and dangers of a Sino-US extraterrestrial arms race, and prospects for avoiding it.
As China continues to rise economically and militarily, is an arms race or even a conflict in space between the United States and China inevitable?
Arms races therefore can seriously disturb or even exacerbate regional or bilateral military balances, leading to more insecurity and instability in the region.
Moreover, without necessarily leading to arms races, these new arms competitions can still be very expensive and ultimately even imprudent.
39) Grant Hammond, Plowshares Into Swords: Arms Races in International Politics (Columbus: University of South Carolina Press, 1993), p.
On the surface, there are five main empirical developments that may suggest that the possibility for such an arms race is overwhelming and ominous.
And these arms races wouldn't be limited to the three countries in question.
The purpose of that treaty was to prevent a defensive arms race that could lead to a renewed offensive nuclear arms race.
He is correct when he writes that political leaders, not arms races, precipitate wars.
But after a short period of military downsizing since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the arms race has resumed.
The US has been quick to criticise Chinese military spending, saying it could lead to a new arms race.