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a competition between nations to have the most powerful armaments

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Today's nuclear, biological and other extreme weapons have changed the stakes and logic of battle, resulting in an arms race that has no analog in the natural world.
The purpose of that treaty was to prevent a defensive arms race that could lead to a renewed offensive nuclear arms race.
He is correct when he writes that political leaders, not arms races, precipitate wars.
And what about our warning to India and Pakistan that arms races rob the poor?
I was reminded of this experience with my father and smoking last May when President Clinton and the United Nations Security Council berated and sanctioned India and Pakistan for starting a nuclear arms race, and again when the media was full of shock and dismay at the story of a 15-year-old Oregon student who walked into his high-school cafeteria and shot 29 people.
Even the poor, who are certain to suffer devastating losses from an escalating arms race, were jubilant at what they saw as a surging leap in national stature.
In spite of everything Clinton and Western politicians have said about the folly of an arms race in South Asia, the fact is that for better than half a century American foreign policy has been based on the assumption that the possession of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons was both an effective deterrent against our foes and a cornerstone of our global status.
and other nuclear powers to work toward reducing the arms race, nuclear disarmament, and "general and complete disarmament.
But after a short period of military downsizing since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the arms race has resumed.
The US has been quick to criticise Chinese military spending, saying it could lead to a new arms race.