arms industry

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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Garcia said the local arms industry must be able to produce conventional weapons and equipment for domestic use, as well as for export, with emphasis on arms research and development.
It leads in many cases to an ethical grey zone," says Yaakov Katz, the author of "The Weapon Wizards", a book about Israel's arms industry.
The exorbitant costs of creating an arms industry are secondary concerns to techno-nationalist and strategic ambitions.
Daniel Defense has provided the Israeli arms industry with spare parts and services for weapons manufacturing.
Moving towards offshore wind and marine energy would create more jobs than the entire arms industry.
Yet Gabriel partially avoided the critical topic of arms sales by excluding the arms industry from his delegation, which included 80 German industry representatives, while putting an emphasis on renewable energy and infrastructure.
It is a principle too that has seen the nation develop its own indigenous arms industry and expertise, not relying on buying weapons and defence systems from the usual suspects and outlets.
The United States and European Union have targeted Russia's arms industry as part of sanctions against Moscow for what they call its role in fanning separatist unrest in Ukraine.
It noted that the Emirati leadership has signed lucrative deals with Serbia to develop the Serbian arms industry and bought a significant stake in its national airline and, in return, granted multibillion-dollar loans to the government.
That way, perhaps, the powers that be wanted to appease bankers and arms industry.
Still the world's largest arms importer, India has made slow progress in building its own arms industry.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ that the intelligence information enabled the army to find a large camp containing a factory for different arms industry and improvised explosive devices and adhesive bombs, ammunition and grenades belong to the elements of the ISIS organization in the area of the island in al-Qaim, western Anbar.
The prime minister's adviser said that like any country which with a flourishing arms industry, Pakistan was trying to sell its arms and there was nothing dubious about Saudi Arabia's interest in purchase weapons from Pakistan.
Russia has maintained high levels of arms exports despite the crisis in its arms industry in the post-Cold War period," researcher Siemon Wezeman was quoted as saying in a press release.
It is a covert way of subsidising Britain's arms industry.