arms industry

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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Providing equipment for physico-chemical tools in the pilot project to reduce hazardous substances arms industry and related services supply equipment (installation, commissioning and staff training at the beneficiary).
Russia has maintained high levels of arms exports despite the crisis in its arms industry in the post-Cold War period," researcher Siemon Wezeman was quoted as saying in a press release.
It is a covert way of subsidising Britain's arms industry.
The writer and broadcaster Andrew Feinstein argued at the Hexham Debate on Saturday that the arms industry is a perfect storm for corruption.
Sadly we in the UK are following the same path, expending massive sums of money we don''''t have on dreadful weapons of mass destruction and thus profiting the arms industry.
The revelation by "Radio France International (RFI)" quoted a parliamentary report presented this week on France's previously-vibrant arms industry, which was a lucrative export earner for the economy here.
BERLIN * Catholic bishops criticized Germany's growing arms industry, urging greater commitment to peaceful resolutions to the world's armed conflicts.
00 + VAT 0121 234 5476 Instead of being an representative for the arms industry, which appears to be his main objective in Saudi Arabia, he should get back to the UK and put his own country in order.
Larry Kahaner's book AK-47 offers a good insight into the illegal arms industry.
Syria is Moscow's last remaining ally in the Middle East and is a major customer for Russia's arms industry, but Russia has recently shown impatience with Assad.
In this reference for professional soldiers and those studying small arms, Tilstra, a machinist who served in the US Navy, surveys the most common and successful urban combat weapons used today, as well as some in development, demonstrating how warfare has changed and how it has impacted the small arms industry and use.
The CSAP provides a forum for government, industry and other parties to exchange data and information regarding the small arms industry.
The law is likely to be resisted by the arms industry in Brazil, which earned an estimated $142 million in profits in 2002.
The arms industry is worth $40 billion a year--and the `commissions' (or bribes) it pays to governments average at least 10 per cent of contracts.