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a deal to provide military arms

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Another Saudi royal involved in the Yammah arms deal, prince Turki bin Nasser, took a piece of the Yammah arms deal pie.
According to the Chinese Embassy, the arms deal undermines a consensus reached by President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping during talks at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida earlier this year.
Here we examine this arms deal through the lens of conflict-induced displacement.
The deal is said to have been terminated in the wake of Saudis $110 billion arms deal with the United States earlier this month.
The president, who has been closely linked to the arms deal, has been mired in repeated politi- cal and personal scandals ahead of tough municipal elections this August.
It was the biggest ever arms deal negotiated by Bangladesh and caused quite a few ripples in the region.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- MP for Mottahidoon Lilislah coalition Haider Mulla called in a press conference held in the House of Representatives today, on " Presidency of Parliament and Council of Ministers to conduct a joint investigation to reveal the fact of the alleged Iran-Iraq arms deal.
The most spectacular instance of covering up a corrupt arms deal was when Tony Blair called off an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into the Al Yamamah arms contract with BAE under pressure from the Saudi Arabian government.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: the first batch of Russian helicopters arrived here within an arms deal that reached to $4.
Substantially, the CSTO cannot be considered as a serious structure if the Russian-Azerbaijani arms deal for $4 bln is
On April 22, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Ylon finalized an arms deal worth USD 10 billion.
The Hebrew-speaking newspaper - (Yedioth Ahronoth) - reported today that these missiles are expected to arrive shortly within a few weeks for the purpose of helping the Syrian regime and that all Israeli attempts to block this arms deal were futile although these missiles will pose a strategic menace to strategic Israeli interests.
But despite all that effort, it seemed that Egypt was drifting away from the West and into the communist orbit after the announcement of the Czech arms deal.
2 billion arms deal with Russia due to alleged corruption in the contract, and has decided to create a fresh panel for negotiations with Moscow.
Feinstein, who resigned from the African National Congress and South Africa's governing party after they were unwilling to launch an investigation into a maior arms deal recalls that, in the late 1990s, the South African government spent 6 billion [pounds sterling] (nearly $10 billion) on guns it barely used, even while it could not afford antiretroviral drugs for the country's 6 million HIV-infected citizens.
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