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a support for the arm

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This includes soft leather upholstery with contrast piping for the first two rows of seats, and for the extra-padded armrests on the front doors.
This resulted in specifications like three removable access doors; armrests, footrests and hand grips; an ergonomic V-shaped patient seat designed for back support and perineal access; cushioned headrest; trapeze with sky hook towel grip; and the elimination of water jets--demonstrably devoid of patient benefits--to reduce cleaning and turnaround time by 75 percent.
A servo-assisted mini steering wheel gives featherlight palm of the hand steering, eliminating wrist strain, and the floating armrest prevents stress to the upper arm and shoulders.
Vertical adjustable armrest - to address consumer demand for increased armrest comfort, a robust, lightweight, vertically adjustable armrest offers greater functionality than standard armrests, making it possible for the consumer to customize the armrest height
The armrest heating is managed by using the seat heating control switch in the door panel and can be deactivated by Mercedes-Benz COMMAND Online Internet platform.
Movable aisle armrests on half the aisle seats in "new" aircraft with 30 or more seats.
If the center section of the seatback is not in use, it can be folded forward for use as an armrest with integral cupholders.
The seat depth, armrest height, and back recline adjust for proper fit.
Other features include a fridge fitted in the armrest between the front seats, special split-rim 18-inch alloy wheels, Bi-xenon headlights, a mini disc player, with sub-woofer and rear seat headphone sockets, an integratedGSM telephone, rear skidplate, aluminium roof rails, 'Executive' badging, silver square-mesh grille, and body-coloured door handles and waist mouldings.
Features include a fridge fitted in the armrest between the front seats, special split-rim 18in alloy wheels, a mini-disc player and an integrated GSM telephone.
Loc-0n's "High Style" tree stand folds flat for backpacking and features a 13 x 19 inch padded seat, backrest, armrest and a fold up footrest.
The armrest heating is turned on and off using the seat heating control switch.
One recurring problem I've encountered on flights is the pot-luck nature of finding a seat immediately adjacent to the aisle with an armrest that moves up to about 90 degrees from the plane of the seat surface--making the transfer from wheelchair to seat, and visa versa, possible.