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a support for the arm

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A spokesperson for Armrest International said: "Parky McBench is innocent"and has called upon the Dark Powers to free him and allow him to return to his loved ones.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 11 ( ANI ): The wife of the passenger, who allegedly tried to molest actress Zaira Wasim on a flight, on Monday denied the allegation and said her husband's foot was kept on the armrest but not with an intention to harass.
Taking to the air, the new A321 Falcon Gold class cabin has incorporated a host of modern features including horizontal super pod seats, which are fully electric with four pre-sets that can be changed with a single control, a lower back massage feature, adjustable lumbar support, articulating armrests, integral LED reading light with dimming options, elevated one-piece machine food tray with 90 degree swivel capability and a rear-mounted stowage compartment.
Now, even as she buckled her seatbelt and put her armrest down, her resolve was melting into uncertainty and fear.
Seating elements--lumbar and thigh supports, armrest table covers, and shields for in-flight video screens--contain 60% to 70% carbon fiber reinforcement and provide a 40% to 50% weight reduction and 20% to 25% cost saving versus aluminum.
Airline passengers are already familiar with the awkward moments of armrest territoriality, where neither passenger is certain if they are taking up too much space and both end up tucking in their arms in fear of disturbing fellow fliers.
SafeSlideBoard is a combination armrest and transfer board that attaches to standard wheelchairs to help prevent falls and back injuries.
Equipment includes cruise control, metallic paint, electrically adjustable leather seats, a front sliding armrest, rear armrest with cupholders, bronze Sapele veneer fascia and door inserts, automatic air conditioning, and special 17-inch alloy wheels.
I've been threatened with lawsuits under the ADA by some huge passengers because I refused to let them raise the armrest and invade my seat.
This could be popular because research has shown that sharing an armrest with a neighbour is a pet hate of air travellers.
Two more in the rear armrest provide ample accommodation for afternoon tea and crumpets.
Other features include a fridge fitted in the armrest between the front seats, special split-rim 18-inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, a minidisc player with sub-woofer and rear seat headphone sockets, an integrated GSM telephone, rear skidplate, aluminium roof rails, "Executive" badging, silver square-mesh grille and body-coloured door handles and waist mouldings.
The armrest shape has grips at each end, further complicating the molding process.
For example, it called for an armrest shape with a grip at each end.
Like 'elbonics' for what happens when two people maneuver for the same armrest in a movie theater.