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Synonyms for armourer

a worker skilled in making armor or arms

an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc

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a manufacturer of firearms

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AN armourer from Mochdre has told of his pride at being given a rare chance to handle weapons belonging to King Henry VIII.
Blacksmith and historical armourer Adam Blockley who makes |replica pieces for National Civil War Centre in Nottinghamshire
While personal weapons are maintained by the soldiers themselves, the vehicle-borne guns require specialist armourers to keep them fully functioning.
Constable Sushil Kumar of 30 PAC based at Gonda, armourers Rajesh Shahi posted at Gorakhpur and Amar Singh and Jitendra Singh posted in Faizabad have been arrested.
I was the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of the STCMPC armourers.
The Armourers & Brasiers Venture Award is given to British teams leading material science development.
This will include a Living History section featuring spinners, weavers, armourers and swordsmen.
THEY plotted to become armourers to the underworld.
The company which is one of the 12 City Livery Companies, founded in 1327 as a religious and social fraternity for tailors and linen armourers will offer finalists the opportunity to compete forGolden and Silver Shear awards, and prizes to talling pounds 4,500.
Shortages are particularly marked among specialist personnel like vehicle mechanics, armourers, linguists and nurses, said the committee in a report published today.
In some 'pinch point' trades, such as vehicle mechanics and armourers, where the shortages are particularly acute, as many as 40% had breached the guidelines.
30 13a3 & 13a4 notes, exploded parts drawings, armourers instructions, accessories & ancillaries, Ian Skennerton (http://www.
Cosford was chosen as a technical training base for the RAF in the 1930s, and during the Second World War, over 70,000 engine and airframe mechanics and armourers attended courses there.
None rose to the challenge with greater distinction than the armourers of northern Italy who had been the international leaders in their craft from at least the fourteenth century.
Archers, armourers, arrowsmiths, athletes, bookbinders, diseased cattle, dying people, enemies of religion, fletchers, gardeners, iron mongers, lacemakers, laceworkers, lead workers, masons, plague, police, racquet makers, Rio de Janeiro, soldiers, Spanish police officers, stone masons, stonecutters.