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Synonyms for armourer

a worker skilled in making armor or arms

an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc

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a manufacturer of firearms

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These 3D models were then "printed" in prototyping machine and sent, along with detailed diagrams, to some of the finest swordsmiths and armourers in the UK to be replicated in steel.
Security sources say he was the armourer behind both the Sousse attack and the shooting at the Bardo Museum, where 22 tourists - including British solicitor Sally Adey - were killed.
He was charged with actual bodily harm and was ordered by the court to attend the airgun awareness intervention which is run by the force armourer.
Blacksmith and historical armourer Adam Blockley who makes |replica pieces for National Civil War Centre in Nottinghamshire
Army Infantry as an Armourer Artificer (responsible for the assembly and care of small arms in critical situations).
Ya'ari's detention reportedly led to the arrests of two women, one an armourer and spy, the other a paymaster.
This week, an illegal armourer was jailed after being caught with a revolver dating back to when Victoria was on the throne and her army fighting the Boer War.
Danny joined the army in 2008 and is training to be an armourer with the 10 Training Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Hampshire.
During our six-month probe, the underworld armourer offered our investigators a snub-nosed .
The catchphrase was the instruction from the host to the armourer that the crossbow bolt should be loaded.
With the help of Lizzie, the village armourer, Tom uses his skills to construct a clockwork dragon that chases Flamethrottle away.
Cpl Barnes, from Exeter, Devon, was a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers armourer in 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment.
As part of the contract, Beretta USA will train the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Armourer Section to become a warranty center for the product in support of the Canada Border Services Agency.