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Defence Equipment Minister Peter Luff said the armoured vehicle programme had been left in a "mess" by the previous government, but accused the committee of "misrepresenting the facts".
Mr Cousins, said: "This armoured vehicle contract is absolutely critical to the survival of BAE systems and if this goes elsewhere, then there is a danger that the British armoured vehicle manufacturing industry would be lost for good.
Rapidly Changing and Complex Threats Drive Initiatives to Bolster Survivability of Armoured Vehicle Capabilities
Here and there one reads or hears that the Achilles' heel of the medium armoured vehicle is its lower level of protection compared to that of the main battle tank.
Vickers is set to announce a strategic move in its armoured vehicles operations "sooner rather than later", a company source said yesterday.
GM Canada is hoping the buyout will result in an increased share of the international armoured vehicle market.
LONDON -- Armoured vehicles are central to military operational deployments, whether they are humanitarian or combat in nature.
101 armoured vehicle programmes - 200 armoured vehicles contracts
He commented: "This contract helps ensure that we sustain a battle-winning Armoured Vehicle Fleet and represents an important investment in armoured vehicles capability within the UK defence supply chain that safeguards UK engineering jobs.
Speaking at the launch, Sheikh Saud said, 'To have the world's largest privately-owned armoured vehicle facility is an achievement for the UAE and Ras Al Khaimah.
Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (in US$) for the global armoured vehicles market, four armoured vehicles submarkets (Main Battle Tanks, Medium Armoured Vehicles, Medium Mine-Resistant Vehicles, Light Protected Vehicles), and the leading 20 national armoured vehicle markets.
THE Mo D's latest accounts reveal that pounds 48m was lost after their decision to withdraw from the European joint Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle project (MRAV).
Germany's new government has blocked Europe's multi-billion-dollar project to build a new multi-role armoured vehicle for the German, British and French armies.
While this armoured vehicle was out on assignment it was attacked by small arms fire and the detonation of an IED.
Defence IQ, the leading online resource for military and defence news and analysis, announced the release of its annual International Armoured Vehicle Market Report, 2013 - 2023.