armoured personnel carrier

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(military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry

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With the procurement, PDRM will be the first police department in the region to utilize IAG s high mobility and high protection technologically advanced Armoured Personnel Carriers.
On Monday, a Reuters journalist saw a column of at least 100 Russian vehicles, including trucks, armoured personnel carriers and mobile artillery on a road in the same area.
Armoured personnel carriers crashed through barricades and crushed tents, and soldiers fired to disperse the crowds.
BAE Systems is set to showcase its RG12 Mk4 armoured personnel carriers, designed to protect crew against small arms fire, firebombs, and hand grenades, at the Idex defence expo in Abu Dhabi.
So you can imagine armoured personnel carriers flying past your door as part of a forbidden Dublin scenario will hardly do a whole lot for the image and valuation of an area", explained local estate agent Tony Wilson.
The troops were in an armoured personnel carrier about three miles south-east of Basra when the device went off.
Lance Corporal Tony Carr, 21, died instantly when he was thrown from a Saxon armoured personnel carrier near Salisbury Plain.
The West Midlands team visited the 1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment at Molton Barracks, Tidworth in Hampshire and got the opportunity to ride in a Warrior armoured personnel carrier and shoot in a simulated small arms firing range Emma Wetton, account executive at GS PR, said: 'It was a fantastic day out and gave us a real insight into modern British Army life.
Police hustled Islamic militant Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh out of an armoured personnel carrier and past a crowd of journalists in Karachi, covering his face to shield him from the cameras.
MYSTERY surrounds the history of an armoured personnel carrier named Caerphilly, which is due to go on sale tonight.
A soldier crushed to death when an armoured personnel carrier overturned during a training exercise was named yesterday as Second-Lt Andrew Allcock.
The armoured personnel carrier variant is displayed for the first time at this week's Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.
According to Wheeler, the tape shows an armoured personnel carrier from the Virginia National Guard leading the trucks.
SIX Scots Guards were injured when their armoured personnel carrier overturned.
A soldier was killed when an armoured personnel carrier overturned on a training exercise.
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