armoured car

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Synonyms for armoured car

an armor-plated truck with strong doors and locks used to transport money or valuables

a military combat vehicle on wheels with light armor (and usually a machine gun)

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Meanwhile the marketing manager for rival armoured car provider BAE Systems, Marinus du Plessis, said there was strong demand across the Middle East for armoured vehicles as security concerns rise.
The State Department's effort to provide an armoured car to Bhatti became mired in bureaucratic detail and was hindered by strained relations between Pakistan and the United States caused by the arrest of double murder-accused Raymond Davis in Lahore, Leo added.
Actors and musicians will then be joined in the middle of the street with the armoured car direct from the show's set.
The armoured car ofAaa prominentAaIranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, was hit by gunfire in the northern town of Qazvin, his party's website reported on Friday.
Nowadays the grandfather of two from Waterloo not only has the bulletproof Daimler Ferret armoured car on his driveway but an Austin Champ off road jeep tucked away in his garage.
The Humber Pig, proper name the Humber FV1600 Armoured Personnel Carrier, was a heavily armoured car used by the British Army from the 1950s to the 1990s.
JAGUAR have announced they are to produce an armoured car aimed at the likes of Tony Blair, Madonna and the Sultan of Brunei.
Breaking his silence for the first time about the 1993 Brink's Inc robbery from an armoured car depot which netted $7.
Now both Solihull-based Land Rover and Coventry luxury car firm Jaguar have decided to become major players in the armoured car trade.
A YOUNG soldier from North Wales escaped death from a rocket attack by inches,before springing from his armoured car to fire at Iraqi soldiers.
The new Boxer armoured car is being developed by the UK, Germany and the Netherlands
A pounds 300,000 price has been put on the head of an armoured car driver who pulled off a pounds 17 million heist.
Universal is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company, providing armoured car and ATM maintenance services.
Sealed Tenders marked "COR3175 - Armoured Car Service" will be received by the City of Regina, Main Floor, Ambassadors Desk or 5th Floor, Purchasing Branch, 2476 Victoria Avenue, P.