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Synonyms for armoured

Synonyms for armoured

used of animals


protected by armor (used of persons or things military)

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This armour is being used on the Hagglunds CV90 series and for Patria's 8 x 8 Armoured Modular Vehicle.
Giat is developing two new vehicles for the French Army as well as improving the protection of armoured vehicles already in service.
The IDF is planning to convert an undisclosed number of Merkava Mk 1 tanks into Nemera heavy armoured personnel carriers.
This was a multi-layered approach to protection with large armoured skirts of explosive reactive armour arrayed around the hull and turret.
In France, the state-owned Giat and SNPE enterprises have co-operated to field reactive armour products, including the Brenus blocks that can be easily fitted on all types of medium or heavy armoured vehicles.
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Spending on armoured vehicle upgrades also continues to be driven by advances made in anti-armour and anti-tank capabilities.
Visiongain's Armoured Vehicles Upgrade & Retrofit Market 2012-2022 report provides forecasts on the global, subsector, and national level.
Why you should buy the Armoured Vehicle Upgrade & Retrofit Market Forecast 2014-2024: Opportunities For Leading Companies What is the future of the armoured vehicle upgrade and retrofit market?
Let our analysts present you with a thorough assessment of the current and future armoured vehicle upgrade and retrofit market prospects.
Chapter 1 is the executive summary-- Chapter 2 provides an introduction to the armoured vehicles market.
Anybody with an interest in the armoured vehicles market should gain valuable information and insight from this new study by visiongain, which analyses one of the most exciting markets in the defence industry.
1 Financial Constraints Threaten Armoured Vehicle Programmes
2 The Withdrawal of US-Led Coalition Forces from Iraq and later Afghanistan could Dampen Demand for Armoured Vehicles