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covered with heavy steel

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Football' in the Big Apple tends to be interpreted as the armour-clad New York Jets or New York Giants.
The armour-clad figure of Herman Sevogel occupies a prominent spot atop a fountain on St.
More than 100 body armour-clad officers simultaneously raided homes from Toxteth to Kirkby after the command to "strike" was issued at 7.
At the far end of the north aisle of Llandaff cathedral lies an enigma, the striking armour-clad monumental effigy of David Mathew, a medieval gentleman with a remarkable popular reputation.
It's a surreal sight, as Irons and Hiddleston, in chain mail and red capes, charge back and forth on horses through a throng of armour-clad men, while Russell Beale, in a fat-suit and clasping a spear, runs comically away from just about everyone in his path.
It's one killing arena after another, with only the sporadic introduction of hulking armour-clad brutes mixing up the standard pop-and-stop gameplay.
Armour Boys, first shown in Edinburgh in 2006, consists of five small bronze armour-clad figures, like children, which lie scattered and twisted.
ROBERT Downey Jr plays a brilliant inventor who transforms himself into an armour-clad superhero.
The Golden Compass is an entertaining introduction to Pullman's writing, festooned with dazzling action set-pieces including a fight between two armour-clad bears.
The cast includes an armour-clad Paladin who protects the innocent, a crusading Cleric who heals the sick - and all manner of evil monsters bent on death and destruction.
At Cairo's al-Azhar mosque, the Sunni Muslim world's foremost seat of learning, some 500 men surrounded by similar numbers of armour-clad riot police protested following Friday prayers,describing President George Bush as ``the enemy of God''.
Like the one involving the armour-clad couple who turned up at a hotel and asked for a room for two knights.
Players appear to have armour-clad contracts that put them beyond reproach.
Freshwater West is one of the locations for a new Robin Hood movie, which features Russell Crowe and armour-clad crusaders emerging from the sea and charging across the beach on horseback.
Nevermindbeachballs, inflatable gridiron helmets as big as a house floated above the pitch as the armour-clad squads from Tampa Bay and NewEngland took to the field amid a whirlwind of fireworks, booming rock music, flag-laden armed forces and stunning cheerleaders.