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Synonyms for armor

a military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles

tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant


Related Words

equip with armor


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50 billion a year armoring automobiles, says Alexandre Bet, Centigon O'Gara's business director.
Military forces not only are armoring Humvee-type vehicles but also medium and heavy trucks across the board.
International's collaboration with armoring expert Plasan Sasa provides unparalleled technology to deliver armor resistance to mines and IEDs.
We're working directly with vehicle manufacturers so that our armoring capabilities will be in concert with the skin and frames of the vehicle," she said.
Ceradyne will display the Flyer(R) ITV with FlexKit(TM) armoring at the Special Operations Command Exhibition next month in Tampa, Florida.
In addition to armoring vehicles for military and commercial customers, Arotech manufactures armor kits for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, for marine applications, personnel armor and fragmentation blankets.