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of or relating to heraldry or heraldic arms

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Standish, the old lawyer, who had been so long concerned with the landed gentry that he had become landed himself, and used that oath in a deep-mouthed manner as a sort of armorial bearings, stamping the speech of a man who held a good position.
Away behind him as far as eye could reach rolled the far-stretching, unbroken river of steel-rank after rank and column after column, with waving of plumes, glitter of arms, tossing of guidons, and flash and flutter of countless armorial devices.
We possess no pedigrees or armorial bearings; and we have to discover and trace the many diverging lines of descent in our natural genealogies, by characters of any kind which have long been inherited.
A carriage and four splendid horses, covered with armorial bearings, however, awaited us at Mudbury, four miles from Queen's Crawley, and we made our entrance to the baronet's park in state.
It was spacious enough in all conscience, occupying the whole depth of the house, and having at either end a great bay window, as large as many modern rooms; in which some few panes of stained glass, emblazoned with fragments of armorial bearings, though cracked, and patched, and shattered, yet remained; attesting, by their presence, that the former owner had made the very light subservient to his state, and pressed the sun itself into his list of flatterers; bidding it, when it shone into his chamber, reflect the badges of his ancient family, and take new hues and colours from their pride.
22 Armorial Road Coventry CV3 6GJ: Rear single storey extension.
The five-kilogram Mace also features fireweed, Yukon's floral emblem; the figures of a miner, a trapper and a First Nations person; as well as etchings of Yukon scenery and other armorial bearings.
Some years ago, I went there with my sister to research who first granted the armorial bearings of the Lloyds of Llansannan.
He also has thought about how armor has influenced feminine clothing styles and he has several paintings that show women of noble rank attired in costumes that clearly reflect armorial images, from breastplates to sleeves.
In the 1960s, the UELAC also decided to pursue obtaining armorial bearings and an official request was made by John in 1969.
It's the Vatican that selects the names and armorial coats of arms of popes, so it seems strange they chose ones that bear the prophecy out so precisely.
Ate a eclosao do Mangue, as manifestacoes artisticas tidas publicamente como representativas da identidade local estavam filiadas a uma estetica consolidada nos anos 1970 pelo Movimento Armorial, organizado e liderado pelo escritor e gestor publico Ariano Suassuna.
12) It turns out that the "right to bear arms" is the same as the right to display armorial bearings, (13) and that the original plain meaning of the Second Amendment is that the government shall not infringe upon one's right to be a lady or a gentleman.
During the autumn session, the Council of States will deliberate on the law to protect trademarks and on the law to protect public armorial bearings, also known as the Swissness project.
Website Armorial Gold Heraldry says of this bird of prey: "The kite, with its distinctive forked tail, milvus, derives its name from mollis volatu, weak in flight (it glides through the air).