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Synonyms for armourer

a worker skilled in making armor or arms

an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc

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a manufacturer of firearms

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That said, it's pretty much established among top police armorers from the legendary Hilton Yam on down the 1911 is a more maintenance-intensive pistol than many designs.
The online and paper catalogs continue to serve gunsmiths, armorers and suppliers, but the market has grown under Pete's leadership to include as many do-it-yourselfers as any of the other fields combined.
Now that you've got the whole lube story, make sure armorers and Soldiers read the story.
Beginning in 1808, the Waters factory was one of six private armorers contracted to provide rifles to the U.
The two have been busy there for 60 years, encouraging mechanics, supply clerks, armorers and a host of other Soldiers to practice preventive maintenance on vehicles, weapons and equipment.
Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company supplies armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide.
In the October story, "New Threats Force Armorers to Redesign Passenger Vehicles," (page 20) International Armoring Corp.
Also, the less parts a handgun has, the fewer components there will be for department armorers to keep on hand and replace in the event of wear.
For the 10,000 or so Glock armorers trained each year and for anyone who has had the need to detail-strip a Glock, a pin punch is the tool if you are working on a Glock handgun.
Once crossbows and longbows could pierce mail, knights needed more protection and armorers began adding metal plates.
Recently, the former theater major and paratrooper took his knightly fantasy a step further by forming Three Scots Associated Armorers in Eagle River.
Filling out the online form takes only minutes and you will save armorers and M240 gunners a lot of trouble in the future.
It is interesting to note that a consensus among gunsmiths and police armorers is that pistols in police service fired with 115 and 124 grain +P and +P+ loads typically fare well in long term service while pistols fired to a high round count with 147 grain subsonic loads often show eccentric wear on the oscillating wedge much sooner.