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Synonyms for armorer

a worker skilled in making armor or arms

an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc

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a manufacturer of firearms

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However, this can't create the depth of knowledge that a team armorer can acquire on a specific platform, monitoring hundreds of guns shot by dozens of highly skilled shooters over the course of many years.
This is why police departments of significant size maintain in-house armorers, and why smaller departments contract with local gunsmiths and armorers to do the same.
The online and paper catalogs continue to serve gunsmiths, armorers and suppliers, but the market has grown under Pete's leadership to include as many do-it-yourselfers as any of the other fields combined.
Velchev further said that the prosecutor in question who made the probation deal with the Killers' armorer had left the Prosecutor's Office 1.
The museum building, of course, started out in the 1840s as the Robbins & Lawrence company, a private armorer.
As the armorer for a large police department that has adopted the S&W M&P pistol, I was eager to read the Firing Line Report by Paul Scarlata on the M&P45 (December/January).
It was my job as not only a gunner but an armorer to oversee the bomb bay and bombs.
While Der Waffenschmied von Worms (The Armorer of Worms) (1846) is less well known than either Zar und Zimmermann or Der Wildschutz, this delightful Singspiel clearly reveals Lortzing's talents as a tune-smith and gifted orchestrator.
Quincy Armorer received the Gloria Mitchell Aleong Award.
A catalogue published in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 1999 exhibition of Renaissance armor inspired by "the forms and ornament found in classical art," this work includes not only photographs from the exhibition, but also extensive background information regarding "Filippo Negroli of Milan, chiseler of arms in iron with leaves and figures," as Vasari termed this innovative armorer from Milan.
To solve the case, players are shown a dazzling array of gizmos, including satellite imagery, sound detection devices and weaponry that would make James Bond's armorer green with envy.
What did the armorer do to adjust for these functions?
The Austin Police Department Armorer will install the sights on Colt AR-15s.