armored personnel carrier

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(military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry

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1 Expenditure on armored personnel carriers in Canada driven by plans to refurbish worn out vehicles
Consequently, the brake linkage on the remaining armored personnel carriers were checked.
What resulted was the Battle of Medina Ridge, in which the 1st Armored Division destroyed a brigade of Republican Army tanks and armored personnel carriers in a matter of hours.
Tenders are invited for Armored Personnel Carriers for the Police in Pakistan.
With that initial assurance, NATO tanks began rumbling through Macedonia in the dark, and long columns of armored personnel carriers, ambulances and other military vehicles snaked through the streets to assembly points.
A typical day might find him examining automobile import documents, peering into a British armored personnel carrier purchased by a collector or conducting spot checks on imported fruit.
Defense Technology Systems (OTCBB:DFTS) announced today that its newly acquired DCI subsidiary, has been awarded an initial order by a German integrator for $100,000 to design, engineer and develop a server for use in a French military armored personnel carrier (APC).
Benjamin Brooks works on computer gear inside an M113 armored personnel carrier during war games at Fort Irwin.
This latest contract is not only a validation of the ASV's capabilities, but of its suitability to serve in many types of roles -- such as command and control, armored personnel carrier, reconnaissance, scout and many others.
The attempt came a day after robbers using an armored personnel carrier stole an estimated $5.
A hands-free, digital radio for armored personnel carrier and tank crews permits unencumbered communication in and out of vehicles.
There were citizens rescued from roofs of their homes, and in Westchester, through the roofs of buses using a special armored personnel carrier, just purchased to help with a small flooding event, never thought to ever be so intense.
Near Ramadi, 29 airstrikes struck 67 ISIL staging areas, destroying two ISIL excavators, an ISIL armored personnel carrier and an ISIL vehicle, the statement said.
Naresh Bhatt said Saturday&'s road traffic accident involved an armored personnel carrier that was.
Among other weapons, it used tear gas and an armored personnel carrier that later rolled down the street and smashed into a car.