armored personnel carrier

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(military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry

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The Armored Personnel Carrier will help in carrying out the duties of RAO.
The Nigerian armed forces received the Spartan 44 Armored Personnel Carriers and Typhoon 44 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles.
Consequently, the brake linkage on the remaining armored personnel carriers were checked.
What resulted was the Battle of Medina Ridge, in which the 1st Armored Division destroyed a brigade of Republican Army tanks and armored personnel carriers in a matter of hours.
Naresh Bhatt said Saturday's road traffic accident involved an armored personnel carrier that was on a routine patrol near the village of Qalaway in southern Lebanon.
Contract notice: Expansion of the track for driving wheeled armored personnel carriers in biedrusk - the execution of construction works.
this afternoon merong nadetonate ang mga Abu Sayyaf na IED at pinasabugan nila yung armored personnel carrier.
The Russian presence, represented by an armored personnel carrier parked sideways across the road, created a strange situation.
3 million contract from BAE Systems to produce power control enclosure assemblies for the M1068A3 SICPS (Standard Integrated Command Post System) configuration of the M113 armored personnel carrier.
PHOTO (Color) Kosovo Serbs wave a Serbian flag from the top of a Russian armored personnel carrier after Russian troops enter Pristina.
Army compared use of Armored Personnel Carrier fan cooling systems with and without XcelPlus gear treatment.
A typical day might find him examining automobile import documents, peering into a British armored personnel carrier purchased by a collector or conducting spot checks on imported fruit.
Defense Technology Systems (OTCBB:DFTS) announced today that its newly acquired DCI subsidiary, has been awarded an initial order by a German integrator for $100,000 to design, engineer and develop a server for use in a French military armored personnel carrier (APC).
10 each - Right-hand drive Armored Personnel Carrier, full-time 4-wheel drive (4x4); Protection
Benjamin Brooks works on computer gear inside an M113 armored personnel carrier during war games at Fort Irwin.