armored combat vehicle

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The Ministry of Defense said that the unit would receive new armored combat vehicles with better features and protection than the present ones, new logistic instruments and other weapons and equipment.
Security Council passed a resolution banning any trade with the country in missiles, missile systems and large-caliber artillery systems, along with such items as tanks, armored combat vehicles, combat aircraft and warships.
The Iraqis know not to target heavily armed and armored combat vehicles that patrol in the cities, and why would they?
The second order includes dual-axis gyros for integration within a new turret designed for use aboard armored combat vehicles.
The US Future Combat System (FCS) program seeks to create an entirely new generation of armored combat vehicles to replace the Army's current fleet of General Dynamics Ml tanks, United Defense M2 and M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and other armored vehicles.
Register is a voluntary annual report by member states on their arms imports, exports and procurement in seven weapons categories (battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large caliber artillery, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, and missiles and missile launchers).
Russian "flank zone" fixes, increasing the number of tanks, armored combat vehicles (ACV's) and artillery pieces allowed in the Caucasus, could be interpreted as significant thus allowing hardliners on both sides to insist on resubmitting the treaty to national legislatures for ratification.
The demand for land vehicles is also affected by opportunities for advanced multipurpose vehicles and armored combat vehicles required for military operations in the Middle East.
According to the President, the artillery has confirmed its important role in the course of the two years of hostilities in Donbas: Means of artillery reconnaissance can detect the movement of tanks, armored combat vehicles, sabotage reconnaissance groups of the enemy and artillery units of Russian terrorist troops, as well as identify hostile coordinates to destroy targets.
At the same time, Bulgaria bought 5 Wildcat armored combat vehicles from Israel in 2010.
Now the Army is pursuing a double V-hull design for its light armored combat vehicles.
BAE Systems Land & Armaments provides design, development, production, through-life support and upgrade of armored combat vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles, naval guns, missile launchers, artillery systems and munitions, as well as military and law enforcement products.
Contract notice: Delivery of wheeled armored combat vehicles.