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covered with heavy steel

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of South El Monte, California, employs specialized materials such as fiberglass composites and armor-plated steel.
LONDON -- An armor-plated popemobile used by Pope John Paul II during his 1982 visit to Great Britain has been sold at an auction for $70,000.
Five months into his deployment, an explosive blew up under the armor-plated Humvee he was driving while his unit was on morning patrol in southeast Baghdad.
Faul added that building enhancements include: a multi-air purification system to provide a dust-free atmosphere and the best possible conditions for manufacturing alkaline fuel cell units; a separate welding room with a dedicated exhaust system; an installed computer system infrastructure with wiring and telephone lines shielded by steel tubing; a testing room designed for testing to ultimate limits, reinforced by armor-plated walls and shatter-proof glass; and a double-alarm system fortified by eight-foot-high fencing around the perimeter, installed for maximum security.
Yes, it's inspiring to see guys who have lost some degree of function in all four limbs get out there and compete like other athletes, albeit in armor-plated wheelchairs.
The fossilized bones of an armor-plated dinosaur have surfaced in an unlikely spot -- about 20 million years out of place.