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covered with heavy steel

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Armor-Clad incorporated a high-grade glow-in-the-dark "safety-orange" powder into the Cerakote coating and applied it to the rear face of the front sight blade.
A white armor-clad knight on horseback holding a sword and shield, which is decorated with a double cross, is in the center of this historical red flag.
Of the 10 costumes on show highlights included an Armor-clad Roman centurion, big-wig Tudor grandeur, make-do-and-mend wartime ration fashion, and 1970's Glam.
While entertaining us by poking holes in the silly superstitions of that age and by recounting amusing tales of madcap royalty and armor-clad knights that "clatter like a crate of castings" as they ride, Twain's story unfolds at a much more profound level as a powerful statement about cultural change and modernity.
Armor-clad police officers carrying assault rifles, including M-16 rifles and submachine guns, stood guard behind the newly installed fences surrounding the Prudential Plaza, according to national press reports.
All things Elizabethan transform Glen Helen Regional Park in Devore, where flower-crowned maidens dance, armor-clad knights clank and the spicy, sweet fragrance of fresh-baked cinnamon buns hangs in the morning air.
The last panel shows an armor-clad soldier about to slay her with an arrow upon her return home, because she refused to marry the Hun chief who occupied the land.
Enter the beetles, the armor-clad fashion plates of the insect, world.
This book builds upon and extends the job of demythologization that Frye began in her splendid demolition of the familiar historical account of Elizabeth I's armor-clad appearance before English troops gathered at Tilbury during the Spanish Armada ("The Myth of Elizabeth at Tilbury," Sixteenth-Century Journal 23 [1992]:95-114).
Armor-clad Roman soldiers in Act I greet bureaucrats sporting modern suits and ties.
Enter this hotel and find a fantasy Rome, with toga-clad cocktail goddesses" and armor-clad centurions.
On the Entertainment Channel, watch for the upcoming arrival of the Marvel Universe as Super Heroes, mutants, aliens, armor-clad super-geniuses and thunder gods join forces with the Starbucks Digital Network on Apr.
As if mythical Dark Elves from Svartalfheim weren't enough of a test for Tony Stark, the armor-clad Avenger is poised to find himself in the middle of a dimensional caper while having to match wits with the now-dead Mandarin's fabled rings of power.
As the purse-lipped court doctor, William Sadler deftly exploits an unpitying vein in the playwright's humor, while Brian Hutchison clanks around amusingly as an armor-clad guard, bellowing royal decrees.
Complaints that LAPD weapons couldn't match the equipment of the criminals were brushed aside until the 44-minute North Hollywood bank shootout in 1997, when armor-clad robbers armed with machine guns made the LAPD's 9 mm handguns look like pea shooters.
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