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Synonyms for armor-bearer

a squire carrying the armor of a knight


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The armor-bearers have been waiting for their knights-errant and have missed them so badly that the appearance of the great optimist in the fields of our literature may definitely be regarded as the best omen sent to us by the gods.
I would not class it as a "title of royalty" because an esquire was a shield or armor-bearer and helper to a knight mainly during the crusades era, in what is now the U.
But his armor-bearer would not, for he was sore afraid.
Where the biblical story has Saul talk privately to his armor-bearer, Byron changed this historical detail to compose a speech for this King, like Shakespeare's King Henry V, to deliver to his troops before the final battle: He comes to the battlefield where lie the shards of his hopes--there will be no final victory over his Philistine arch-enemies, no continuation of his rulership, no handing over of the kingdom to his son Jonathan.
His cynical, realistic follower Enobarbus is deeply moved by him; his soldier's adore him even in defeat; his armor-bearer remains with him to the death; even his enemy Octavius Caesar praises him in life and is shocked into heightened eulogy when he hears of his death.
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