armor plating

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The Marine Cargo Specialists at the 842nd also reviewed the dimensional data for all of the cargo and updated the weights for vehicles that had been fitted with additional armor plating.
In that way we'd save money on the armor plating and gun turrets.
Christina Larson, a psychologist at the University of West Florida, told her about Depleted Uranium (DU), the dense radioactive waste product the Pentagon reprocesses into artillery shells and armor plating for tanks.
More than twice as dense as lead, DU is the world's most impenetrable armor plating, used in the skin of the Army's M1A1 Abrams battle tank.
plant in Gary, which produced automobile bodies; the former Pullman and Standard Rail, or Stanray, plants in Hammond, which turned out railroad cars; and the Blaw-Knox Foundry in East Chicago, which helped make tanks and armor plating, seemed destined for little more than scrap a decade ago as they sat vacant or were well on their way to closure.
The Army's sole contractor for putting the armor plating on the standard Humvee chassis.
Called lanxides, these materials, unlike other ceramic composites, appear to be tough rather than brittle and relatively inexpensive to produce -- qualities that potentially make them useful for armor plating.
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