armor plating

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More than twice as dense as lead, DU is the world's most impenetrable armor plating, used in the skin of the Army's M1A1 Abrams battle tank.
On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on another piece of White House armor plating.
All results were achieved with weight savings over the current industry-standard armor plating.
But despite their 16-inch armor plating, they were deemed vulnerable to submarine and missile attack.
Called lanxides, these materials, unlike other ceramic composites, appear to be tough rather than brittle and relatively inexpensive to produce -- qualities that potentially make them useful for armor plating.
Also, a military Humvee, complete with armor plating and machine guns, will be on hand to represent the museum's new military adventure museum.
Alysium intends to accelerate the armor plating development program to begin manufacturing life saving armor.
Typically employed for defensive missions, MH-53 helicopters contain a full suite of defensive systems, detection avoidance systems and complete armor plating, and can transport more troops with its stronger lift capacity than the earlier HH-60 platform.
Software Professional Services Team is involved in the optimization of the Crusader hull structure, focusing on reducing armor plating thickness and the weight of the vehicle (40 tons) without compromising structural integrity and the Crusader's resistance to projectiles.
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