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a large wardrobe or cabinet

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For transport purposes, one of great advantages of the armoires lay in their construction.
Although one newspaper article dubbed armoires as "the dinosaur of 2008," a moribund economy could provide the cabinets a new use.
As he bought antique armoires and apothecaries, marble floors and Zen tea gardens, he hid them from his lieutenants, lest they remind him that he'd overspent again.
The collection offers eight pieces--from bedside cabinets to TV armoires to wardrobes--with two color combinations.
A French ambience with a modern spin can be achieved by mixing classic pieces such as armoires, daybeds, decorative chairs and toile de jouey fabrics with contemporary pieces of furniture and accessories.
are applied to conventional cotton, argues Rebecca Zellmer of online retailer The Green Culture, which offers a wide selection of eco-friendly beds and mattresses, nightstands, tables, dressers and armoires.
One purveyor of the cabinet-as-furniture style is The Furniture Guild, whose new bath and kitchen pieces look like armoires.
In the guestrooms, photographer Michael Palladino's photos of river rocks, bamboo and leaves are transferred to green, blue and brown plastic 3M screens and built into armoires and other furniture.
Leda is adding a few computer armoires to its most successful collections.
From armoires, desks, dining and coffee tables to entertainment centers, built-ins, hutches and cabinets, customers choose their favorite style, wood and finish, and Tom does the rest.
This same philosophy is leading Riverside to add three armoires to its VIP Collection and that last year led Stanley to introduce the first of its armoires, which are now integral to all eight collections of The Office by Stanley.
It's true that activism prepares the good lesbian to abhor such class-based trifles as sofas and armoires when there are barricades to be stormed.
A real stickler could argue that smallish bathrooms and cramped armoires make little sense in such generous rooms.
Place televisions in armoires and install bedside speakers.
The project involved refinishing guest room furniture by updating wood colors and laminate replacements, including dining tables, nightstands, armoires, dressers, built-ins and headboards.