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a large wardrobe or cabinet

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Many Dutch cabinets, or presses, and French armoires, can be found in large houses throughout Ireland.
There's also an attractive chest of drawers (also pictured) that compliments the ornate armoire with its appealing simplicity.
A kitchen chalkboard where Jackson's children had written "I love daddy," was sold for 5,000 dollars, while an armoire upon which Jackson wrote a message to himself on the mirror fetched 25,750 dollars.
4] Crazy for Color "Edward Gorey lunacy and crazy curio cabinets" inspired designer David Stark's vignette for Benjamin Moore Paints, whose theme was "the fantasy inside the armoire.
THE French Bedroom Company's - silver armoire, pounds 1,095, above left, adds a stylish metallic piece to any bedroom (www.
That last summer, as we watched from the armoire doors, he'd
The curvy, chocolate bonnet-top armoire shown above is detailed with silver leaf pin-striping.
Technology can produce other kinds of casualties--the latest being the lonely armoire.
Flat screens are becoming more popular, particularly in one-bedroom floor plans sought by younger residents, because they take up little or no floor space and need no cumbersome armoire or cabinetry to hold them.
Or the dining room with its canary / and heavily packed armoire.
The smooth-sliding electric doors are an enormous boon, and once you've taken out all the rear seats there's room for an armoire (or two) in the back.
The chairs look wretchedly uncomfortable, and it is unclear whether the armoire actually opens; like Roy McMakin's drawers that are a fraction too big for their dresser and his lighting fixtures that seem to have fallen to the floor from the ceiling, Smith's constructions examine the territory between use and uselessness, here mining a slightly more paranoid vein.
That is, if you come home to find your new cherry armoire has been fatally marred by tooth marks, should your cat be seen by a behaviorist?
Kathy Chikato, 53, was looking for a way to incorporate an armoire she inherited into her two-bedroom Burbank condo.