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a band worn around the arm for decoration


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Their spears were tipped with it, as were their arrows, and they cooked in vessels made all of solid metal like my armlet.
It was during this dance that the ape-man first noticed that some of the men and many of the women wore ornaments of gold--principally anklets and armlets of great weight, apparently beaten out of the solid metal.
Stretching my hand toward him, I advanced and took the armlet from his open palm, clasping it about my arm above the elbow; smiled at him and stood waiting.
He bowed the stranger to a seat, and hastened to an inner room with the armlet in his hand.
Tawny, black-eyed, barefooted maids, arrayed in rags and adorned with brazen armlets and pinchbeck ear-rings, were poising water-jars upon their heads, or drawing water from the well.
He heard her armlets tinkle as though she bared arms for action.
The ritual began with the removal of the crown, followed by the orb and scepter and armlet, the bands, cape, tunic, inner garments and boots.
CULBIN ARMLET The armlet from AD 70-200 was found at Culbin Sands, Moray, by a hunter looking in the sand dunes for a flint for his flintlock rifle in the 19th century.
Dating from the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, the works, which include this gold armlet with a Herakles knot, are testament to the skill found in ancient goldsmithery.
The yummy mummy looked like a beautiful bride in a red and gold lehenga, with a gold and emerald borla on her forehead, layers of gold necklaces, earrings, armlet, haath phool, and a ring to go with it.
10) It appears in the 2013 catalogue for the Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibit in the British Museum, with the following comment: "We can only guess at the relationship between the [giver and receiver], but the nature of the armlet suggests she was highly esteemed.
The only reason was that married men in their 30s, anxious to qualify for the armlet, were there before them and helped to choke the premises.
this proposal was rejected primarily on the basis of the following argument: by making the wearer of the armlet conspicuous to combatants, such means of identification might make the journalists' mission even more dangerous; similarly it was argued that in this way the journalists would be likely to endanger the surrounding civilian population.
To begin with, armlet is also commonly used to metaphorically refer to a small inlet of the sea or a small branch of a river.