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having no arms


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Armless pilot driving a race car by his single foot
Geneva, July 3 (ONA) The Sultanate affirmed that the conditions of human rights in the occupied Palestinian and Arab lands are witnessing continuous deterioration due to the aggravating assaults and illegal Israeli practice through the use of excess power against armless civilians and violation of the basic human rights.
A filing cabinet, an armless swivel chair, a hanging light
I'm that poor armless fellow's brother, and I'd like to apply," he said.
London, June 18 (ANI): An armless archer, who has already attracted international attention after qualifying for the National U.
Israel is applying double standards by preaching values of democracy and freedom and at the same time gives orders to its forces to kill armless people who were protesting the continued occupation of their land in violation of international law and UN resolutions", FM Nasser Judeh said in a statement.
When the incident occurred at the University of Bahrain, and the girls were protected by the boys, the truth of "who protected the girls" lies in the fact that those hundreds of boys then did not perform that action in view of being a Sunni or a Shi'ite, but to protect their armless fellow sisters.
Tohme said "we look forward for a peaceful, democratic and armless March 14 festival, where crowds could express their stances and highlight the logic of state, justice and special tribunal.
The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards just look like droopy-eyed armless children.
From Demeter and Persephone of ancient Greek mythology to the Armless Maiden of South Africa, Pele of Hawaiian legend, and the lesbian wise women of Native American folklore, this book gathers stories from around the world representing the heroine's journey.
Paul, a former proprietor of the Armless Dragon Restaurant in Cathays, Cardiff opened the Lakeside Deli, a speciality shop and daytime cafe in Clearwater Way, Lakeside in August.
Dozens of Esperance supporters were seen of ripping up seats, firing banned flames and beating armless stewards during the 2-1 defeat in the Egyptian capital.
TRNC Parliament Speaker Bozer, when asked to comment on reaction of Turkish government against Israel's attack on ships carrying aid to Gaza, said, "we support stance of Turkish government because they were ships carrying aid and they were armless.
When asked by reporters about Kurmanbek Bakiev\'s powers, he said that \"after shooting into armless people, he [Bakiev] put himself out of the law.
THEATRE: Known for their haunting tales, visual theatre, strange animated figures and dark humour, Faulty Optic presents the eccentric, droll and compassionate performance Fish Clay Perspex featuring puppets, miniature armless, pointy-footed figures, clay, lagging, pens and plastic.