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a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops


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In the case of the armillary sphere, used for measuring the longitude of any star, he notes that we must first have the coordinate of a reference star.
820), an armillary sphere with divisions for each ten arc minutes and a circle "whose nature is unclear43 had been used (see below), while in the second observational program, a mural quadrant (lubna) and a gnomon (shakhis) were used.
Tosi selected the images of his study according to the objects that accompany the sitters: astrolabes, regular bodies, solar clocks, armillary spheres, globes, astronomical instruments, and mathematical texts.
Some armillary spheres were quite fancy (and expensive), depending on the amount of detail incorporated in the model.
Armillary spheres of the late Middle Ages and the early eighteenth-century proto-orreries of George Graham (essay VII) served similar purposes in different social contexts.
armillary spheres to evoke thoughts of adventure, exploration,
The other artifacts include exquisitely beautiful astrolabes, maps, books, compasses, sundials, armillary spheres, quadrants, and other instruments, mostly from Renaissance Italy.
These armillary spheres and orreries may have come to his attention during visits to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, where Calder was born and where he spent many of his childhood years.
Armillary spheres were used in ancient China--and in the ancient Mediterranean world as well--to simulate the sky and to observe the positions of celestial objects.
For most of that time uranographers in Arab countries and in the Far East, particularly China, used globes, armillary spheres, astrolabes, and quadrants to map the night sky and solve astronomical, and often astrological, issues.