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a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops


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Drawing of a man using a perspectograph to draw an armillary sphere.
Next to the scroll, to the left of centre, is an armillary sphere, the personal emblem of King Manuel.
820), an armillary sphere with divisions for each ten arc minutes and a circle "whose nature is unclear43 had been used (see below), while in the second observational program, a mural quadrant (lubna) and a gnomon (shakhis) were used.
1585), and the serpent with an armillary sphere above its head in Isaac Oliver's Rainbow Portrait (c.
Among the sculptures are an armillary sphere, used to pinpoint the position of heavenly bodies, and a sextant, used to measure distances between stars and a celestial globe.
The illustration is a somewhat distorted armillary sphere, showing various power generation components, viewed by two scientists or engineers looking for "More Power" to run various appliances and vehicles in our world.
This coming June, in further celebration of the magic of light, diffraction gratings will be installed to radiate rainbows of color throughout the glass cube, while an updated armillary sphere of concentric circles will be unveiled at the Columbus Avenue entrance and depict New York City's location on January 1, 2000.
In Orthodox icons, she is frequently depicted with an armillary sphere, a quadrant, or some other piece of astronomical equipment.
Among these is a Ming dynasty, Zhengde period (1506-21) saucer dish with the armillary sphere of Manuel I, one of the earliest pieces of Chinese porcelain decorated with western motifs.
In 1610 he had to improvise an armillary sphere, using the metal hoops of an old barrel.
As empirical evidence and theoretical coherence multiplied on the Copernicans, some high ecclesiastics not only winked, but unsuccessfully tried to reassure the faithful: upon receiving a Copernican armillary sphere from the cardinal-president of the Congregation of the Index in the early eighteenth century, the Bolognese Academy of Sciences nervously commissioned Ptolemaic and Tychonic counterparts for it.
Rounding out the dignitaries is dark-robed Copernicus himself, writing as he measures a second armillary sphere, thus closing the circle of seven figures back to Urania.
A great armillary sphere showing the workings of the heavens was to be in the center of the room.