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Synonyms for armilla

a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops

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(archeology) a bracelet worn around the wrist or arm

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However, the Armillas have yet to pay the total bill which is Dh74,000.
The Armillas cannot afford to pay such a huge amount on their salaries.
But Whitehall PR chiefs were horrified by a mock-up of the advert which had a large picture of a smiling Lady Thatcher under the headline: "The bombshell that hit the Armilla patrol.
Ideas for the poster were put forward by advertising agency Young and Rubicam which also suggested an alternative strapline: "The only bombshell to ever hit the Armilla patrol.
The Portsmouth ship's deployment was part of a standing UN commitment in the region known as Armilla, but she has not been involved in the war in Iraq.
A passer-by found the doll, which resembled a three-month-old foetus, on a sidewalk in the town of Armilla, near Granada, on July 4 and called emergency services.
Sadly this is a very serious disease known as fusarium and before pulling out the old plants, I would recommend soaking the ground with Armilla tox.
Survivors include his wife and two sisters, Margaret Van Devender of Eugene and Armilla Grubbs of Tomahawk, Wis.
Armilla is a variation on the aquatic city, without walls or pavements it is a transparent city and a web of "tubature dell'acqua, che salgono verticali dove dovrebbero esserci le case e si diramano dove dovrebbero esserci i piani: una foresta di tubi che finiscono in rubinetti, docce, sifoni, troppopieni" (RR II, 396).
Providing food to the kitchen of the Social Centres Armilla dependent Provincial de Granada.
Housekeeping Centers of Social Armilla dependent Provincial de Granada.
Supply of heating oil bound for Social Centers Armilla (Granada).
Contract notice: Providing food for the kitchen of social centres dependent armilla provincial de granada.