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a squire carrying the armor of a knight


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a nobleman entitled to bear heraldic arms

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Ian Armiger, a former Loughborough University staff member, devoted 15 years to swimming at Loughborough from 1997-2012.
A case of phoresy of Semeiochernes armiger Balzan, 1892 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) on the giant tropical fly Pantophthalmus tabaninus Thunberg, 1819 (Diptera: Pantophthalmidae) in an Amazonian rain forest, Para.
tested (%) Bat species, by year and Quantitative month of collection/location RT-PCR PCR 2009 Nov/Jinghong City Hipposideros armiger 0/15 0/15 Rhinolophus monoceros 0/4 0/4 la io 0/3 0/3 Miniopterus fuscus 0/1 0/1 Myotis ricketti 0/27 0/27 Eonycteris spelaea and 10/43 (23.3) 10/43 (23.3) Rousettus sp.
The immediate successors of the first armigers of this period usually retained their fathers' emblems with little or no modification, thus converting them into stable signs of their dynasty as a whole, and of its civil and military authority.
Key words: Roost selection Hipposideros armiger conservation degree of human disturbance.
Scott Armiger, portfolio manager at Christiana Trust in Greenville, Delaware has owned Northrop Grumman since August, but said, "We are not going to boost defence stocks holdings on this move in Iraq, especially with this administration.
He is a half-brother to GermanwinnerLifespanand hisdamwasfromthefamily ofRacing Post Trophywinner Armiger, whowasalsoplaced intheStLeger.
ROYAL ASCOT: 2.30 Jalaa, 3.05 SEA MOON (NAP), 3.45 Society Rock (each-way), 4.25 Mac's Power, 5.00 Spanish Duke, 5.35 Overturn AYR: 1.55 Bosun Breese, 2.25 Duchess Dora, 2.55 Baccarat, 3.30 Amazing King, 4.05 Lucky Beggar, 4.40 West Leake Hare, 5.15 Charpoy HAYDOCK: 6.50 Oh Boy Oh Boy, 7.20 First In Command, 7.50 Gaul Wood, 8.20 Sunnybridge Boy, 8.50 Illustrious Prince, 9.20 Ampleforth LINGFIELD: 6.35 Bix, 7.05 Mayo Lad, 7.35 Signor Sassi, 8.05 Picansort, 8.35 Armiger, 9.05 Camera Shy NEWMARKET: 2.05 Responsive, 2.40 Close To The Edge, 3.10 Parley, 3.40 Annie Beach, 4.15 Harry Bosch, 4.50 Moodhill, 5.25 Gravitate, 5.55 Dubai Glory REDCAR: 2.15 Shrewd, 2.45 Falcun, 3.20 Redvers, 3.55 Wild Sauce, 4.30 River Ardeche, 5.05 Isle Of Ellis, 5.40 Imperial Legend
Embassy volunteers help Haiti recover By John Armiger and Ajani Husbands
Main stage attractions today include Katie Armiger and Little Big Town.
Others to receive "gold medal" awards included Derek Armiger of Frome; Jody Miles of Hampshire; Jason Steward of Newton Aycliffe and Howard Kirman of Halifax.
Now Deborah Armiger and Rachel Warwick, of Nutty Tarts, are so successful they sell cakes and biscuits throughout the country, supply supermarket giant Waitrose and will soon hit the shelves of the Co-op.
The "middle strata" also fail to convince, in this formulation, as a clear social class in need of a distinctive ideology, which is unsurprising, given that the four writers considered are John Gower (described in what records we have as squire and "armiger"), the sometime courtly poet Geoffrey Chaucer, and the probably clerical compiler of the N-Town manuscript, alongside the more straightforwardly bourgeois Margery Kempe.
For example, researchers originally described the neotropical pseudoscorpion, Semeiochernes armiger (Balzan 1892), from Central and South America as three species (S.
Murray (Armiger Publications, ARMIGER.NET, 407-532-7381) as a bible for force-on-force training and procedures for doing so.