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a hole through which you put your arm and where a sleeve can be attached

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First, evaluate the garment with the sleeves that pull and make sure the armhole fits well and there's enough ease across the back.
Lorenzo suggested numerous possibilities such as wearing a bandeau top peeking under the armhole, layering with another blouse or wearing special foundation garments.
It also has a zipfront, elastic binding at the armholes and hem, and is equipped with the SilverZ Scent Suppression System designed to absorb and limit the distribution of human scent.
Keep warm by repurposing a sleeping bag: Unzip sleeping bag, cut armholes and cover person in wheelchair, making sure to keep feet warm.
The baby cat is wearing a brown and crA[umlaut]me colored crocheted mushroom costume complete with armholes for the kitten's paws.
The garment's defining quality was its side openings, which also served as armholes.
Strange cutouts in the sculpture's edges suggest the curving armholes of paper sewing patterns.
As long as there is room at the neck for the bag to open (that particular dress-bag could be unbuttoned at the neck if desired so cute) and the armholes are wide enough for your hands, the possibilities are endless.
8am: I speak to my head cutter regarding a problem with a client's coat - he wants it very tight fitting under the armholes.
He pushes his thumbs back under the armholes of his vest and, leaning far back, pours these jokes out to the group of attentive and appreciative listeners, and they always are rounded off with a hundred ha-has from the boys.
Why don't we take a couple of our sleeping bags and cut armholes in them and make our own body bags?
It's proudly displayed in his office, even though the dress is lacking properly cut armholes, a skill he did not yet have.
fleece body; Lycra-reinforced rib knit neck, cuffs, and waistband; and double-needle cover-stitched neck, armholes, and waistband.
A fitting on your dog now will help you determine the size and position of armholes (do a generous guess for an unknown dog).
But I know that the tide is irreversible, and the idea of some kind of Dialect Academy, insisting that spugs and armholes and pumps and urchins and mawkins be used wherever possible, is unlikely.