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a hole through which you put your arm and where a sleeve can be attached

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If you have added so much sleeve cap that the sleeve cannot be set into the armhole easily, consider making a two-piece sleeve.
Clients were awed by the radically chic tops held by back flaps that formed large armholes.
The cocoon has armhole poppers, and a two-way zipper for easy nappy changes.
To remove a vest without removing one's coat, first tuck the left side of the coat into the left armhole of the vest from outside.
Don't let your dress offend with armhole odour," the Daily Mail quoted one as warning.
Trim off the serged/overlocked side seams all the way through the armhole to the hem of the sleeve, cutting as close as you can to the edge.
FROM SLEEVED TO SLEEVELESS: Cut off the sleeve about two inches from, and parallel with, the armhole seam.
Considerably, deviation for measures under arm waist height (left and right) are in postures 6 and 7, where arms are lift up above head and there significant stress at lateral seam and armhole appears.
Spug is a local word for a sparrow in northern and central England; armhole is a variant on armpit in the west and east Midlands; pumps is the western term for plimsolls, now being replaced pretty well everywhere by trainers; urchin is a hedgehog in Worcestershire, Staffordshire and the west of Warwickshire; and mawkin is a dialect term for scarecrow in a corridor running from London to the Welsh border.
The dot in the center of the symbol is centered vertically between the shoulder seam and where the underarm side seam joins the armhole sleeve and centered horizontally between the zipper and the sleeve armhole seam.
For socks to match your new hand-warmers, sew the armhole (body) end of each sweater sleeve closed, in a curved shape.
Our man struggles with which armhole his head should go through (doh
An accessory button sewn beneath each armhole is designed to carry knife sheaths or other concealed items.
Thus, they do not use the narrow armhole typical of European clothing, which physically active people know to be a weak spot.
Work even until armhole measures 8 (8, 8 1/2, 8 1/2, 9)", ending with a WS row.