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a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports

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The Tiger kit includes three arrows, armguard, finger tab, color target, belt quiver and bow sling.
Tenders are invited for Providing Security Service Of Un Armguard (Ex-Serviceman/Ex-Policeman/Civilian) & Arm Guard (Gunman) For (O&M) Circle Office, Nadiad And Various Units Under Nadiad (O&M) Circle.
The youngster had never batted with an armguard but might start after encountering Harmison in top gear.
on the chest within easy reach, an adjustable/removable armguard, and non-slip shoulder patchers.
a failure to tell England players not to slide on the rutted outfield at Brisbane; he allowed Giles to bat in the nets against a fired-up Steve Harmison 24 hours before a new, elongated armguard was available, and Silverwood was allowed to bowl in normal spikes in Perth where Australia's pace bowlers switched to 'needles' because of the footholes.
Armguard and Tab--Three Rivers Archery Fred Eichier Signature Gear
After sunrise and a two-hour climb there'd be some business with goats, a hurried stalk resulting in a 21-yard recurve shot, an armguard that had somehow twisted out of place while climbing catching the string and creating one very long day.
Despite being repeatedly struck on his armguard, he did not let it rattle him, taking only 59 more for the third championship century of the summer and 32nd in first-class cricket.
1 often hold down my sleeve with a couple of rubber bands spaced a few inches apart, or with an armguard.
The jacket's zip-out, reversible Sherpa fleece vest and adjustable, removable armguard are exactly what discriminating archery hunters look for when shopping for cold weather wardrobes.
He was even ordered to cover up the sponsors' logo on his armguard because it contravened prissy ICC guidelines on advertising.
He was sent into a net against Steve Harmison the day before his new armguard was available.
I didn't have an armguard and rather than go find one at the Super Wal-Mart, I was content to just let the string slap my sleeve on about half of my shots.
Giles looks like paying a heavy price for the sloppy management that caused a broken wrist by putting him first up in a fiery net without a specially-ordered armguard against .
Trescothick's unhappy exit yesterday came barely 24 hours after his captain Mike Atherton had been 'triggered' by Hampshire - given out caught off the armguard.