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a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports

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From there, ARMGuard can help realise efficiencies within a
The Tiger kit includes three arrows, armguard, finger tab, color target, belt quiver and bow sling.
Montreal is hosting smaller $30 million projects "The Factory" with John Cossack and "Orphan" with Peter Armguard, thanks to producer Joel Silver's deal with the Society Generale de Financement, the Quebec government's investment arm.
There should have been two overs left but Powell sent for an armguard and then the umpires allowed conferences after every ball of an eight-minute over with not a second wasted by the home side.
The clerk provided some basic instructions on using an armguard and release aid.
ArmGuard has been recognized as meeting and exceeding those requirements.
Tenders are invited for Construction of ATPM cenre for Balasinor sub division & N-Procurg Providing Security service of Armguard & Unarmed guard for Nadiad (O&M) circle office.
The youngster had never batted with an armguard but might start after encountering Harmison in top gear.
on the chest within easy reach, an adjustable/removable armguard, and non-slip shoulder patchers.
a failure to tell England players not to slide on the rutted outfield at Brisbane; he allowed Giles to bat in the nets against a fired-up Steve Harmison 24 hours before a new, elongated armguard was available, and Silverwood was allowed to bowl in normal spikes in Perth where Australia's pace bowlers switched to 'needles' because of the footholes.
Surgical's ArmGuard Patient Arm Restraint DA-Surgical.
Tenders are invited for Providing Security Service of Armguard (Gunmen) & Unarmed Guard (Ex-serviceman/Ex-Policeman/Civiloin) for (O&M) Circle Office, Nadiad and various units under Nadiad (O&M) Circle
After sunrise and a two-hour climb there'd be some business with goats, a hurried stalk resulting in a 21-yard recurve shot, an armguard that had somehow twisted out of place while climbing catching the string and creating one very long day.