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a medieval helmet with a visor and a neck guard

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The armored sport utility vehicle is produced by Armet Armored Vehicles Ltd.
Armet Armored Vehicles, an Ontario-based manufacturer known more for armoured sedans, SUVs and fortified truck transport, is hoping to change that.
Mr Trevillion, formerly of Barkbeth Road, Huyton, had been accused of breaking into a hut at Armet Logistics Ltd and attacking security guard Peter McCabe.
Within our warehouse management application, we have enough information to know that a certain task will take X number of seconds or minutes, based on the position of the forklift operator or where a particular item might be," says Mohamed Armet, supply chain product manager, grocery, at Newton Square, Pa.
The trademark coffee-shop architecture - dramatic roof line, big windows, chrome, and plastic and leatherette booths - started when the architectural firm Armet and Davis designed a Los Angeles coffee shop called Googie's.
Swindling Maria Duval sent out letters to Betty Armet offering her a life of love, money and luck.
Armet Capital served as the investment advisor to Driftwood in this transaction.
Tod Booth, of Armet, a re-enactment group formed especially for the event, has been heavily involved in the preparations, describing them as "a labour of love".
com or in Walmart stores unlock an exclusive gift with purchase: a virtual version of the ARMET GURKHA armored vehicle featured in the film to race against other Car Town players.
receptor gamma coactivator 1 NELL1 Nel(chicken)-like 1 RGS13 Regulator of G protein sgnaling 1 GDS2 GO-G1 swdch gene 2 MDK Midkine ARMET Arginine-rich mutated kr early stage tumors STX1B2 Syntaxin 1B TEX14 Testis expressed sequence 14 KHDRBS3 RNA binding KH domain Cell signaling IFRD1 Similar to Rn.
With its head office in King City, Ontario Armet Armored Vehicles Group has existed for the past 26 years providing armor for vehicles for militaries, governments and heads of state.