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the military forces of a nation

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armed forces are engaging in (or have engaged in) combat.
The repression carried out by the armed forces was one of the things that triggered the armed conflict in the country," declared FMLN official Milton Mendez over Radio Farabundo Marti.
Armed Forces Foundation President and Executive Director Patricia Driscoll said: "It's great to be working with Ron again; you know you can count on him to put his money where his mouth is.
The council's housing allocation policy has been revised to ensure there is no disadvantage to veterans and their families, extended the scope of welfare rights referral criteria and ensured that its schools admission code does not disadvantage armed forces children.
President Al-Bashir has affirmed the state commitment to enhance the material and social conditions of the Armed Forces man who represent the spear-head and the backbone of the Armed Forces.
The armed forces of Armenia, located in the nameless heights of Armenia's Krasnoselsk region, fired at the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in the nameless heights of the Gadabay region.
There are a number of events taking place in Cardiff in the lead-up to Armed Forces Day.
Hussein Ghanem, described by the armed forces as a "very dangerous extremist", was also arrested following "a fierce chase and a heavy exchange of fire with troops".
The main efforts were directed towards the execution of orders of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and of the State comprehensive program on reform and development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the period till 2017, Pavlo Lebedyev said.
Lord Mayor Councillor Gary Millar launched the city's first Armed Forces Day Book of Support and Remembrance, which will remain in the Town Hall foyer for members of the public to record their support, thoughts and remembrance for the armed forces.
The unification of the armed forces of our country was achieved in 1976 to form a pioneering stepin the process of building the institutions of the state in all areas, whereby we have strengthened this unity in our national work through our commitment to the objectives of the founding leaders.
Members of the Armed Forces serving in a contingency operation are now eligible for the same extension of the tax filing deadline as applies to members of the Armed Forces serving in a combat zone.
THE Queen's Speech included an Armed Forces Pensions & Compensation Bill.
OTTAWA -- The rate for major depression and panic disorder, was significantly higher among members of Canada's defence forces than for the general population, according to the first survey of mental health among the armed forces, conducted by the Department of National Defence.
Fuluvaka's commanding stature leaves no doubt that this soldier-athlete is fit for the rough-and-tumble sport that was added to the Army and Armed Forces Sports calendars two years ago.
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