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Inspector General Punjab, Mushtaq Sukhera, while talking to media confirmed that security personnel had armed combat with terrorists.
5 Armed Combat Military UGV Submarket Forecast 2013-2023 ($m, AGR %, CAGR%, Cumulative) Table 5.
You can be in the army for 20 years and never see armed combat.
A different kind of commitment has been when the UAE has committed its people to armed combat, such as when the UAE sent its armed forces along with all other GCC members to take part in the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and later to be part of the ISAF-Nato forces in Afghanistan after 2001 after the toppling the Taliban regime.
Security sources told Aswat Masriya that the underground hospital was used for healing injured militants who are engaging in armed combat with security forces in the northern area of the Sinai Peninsula.
The leaves were thought to make the soldiers feel in the mood for lusty lovemaking not armed combat.
Those who have done this indescribably hard and exhausting work understand that it can - not always, but at times and with a fierce suddenness and unpredictability - resemble nothing less than armed combat.
Many Welsh Americans took part in armed combat and came away with military medals for their efforts.
Robson Rodrigues da Silva, former commanding officer of the Pacifying Policy Unit in Rio de Janeiro, discusses how a non-violent strategy of social engagement became a more effective and less destructive alternative to armed combat in regaining territory from organized criminals in Rio's favelas; and American historian, Rachel St.
The South Asia Director of the New York-based Human Rights Watch, Meenakshi Ganguly, said: "We believe that children should not be used in armed combat at all and all armed groups should stop doing it immediately.
The featured stories requiring heavily armed combat are convoluted and illexplained on screen.
They travel to training camps in conflict areas and they travel to participate in armed combat before returning to Norway.
PESHAWAR, August 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): Security forces in Chitral district Saturday in a pre-dawn attacks by the Taliban militants from across the border killed nine attackers, while in the armed combat 25 troops of the Frontier Corps embraced martyrdom, Security sources said.
There was no pretense of judicial process surrounding the killing, which did not take place in a situation of armed combat characterized by imminent military necessity, the only legal circumstance under which the state may take the life of a human being without respecting the right to due process.