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Synonyms for armed

armed to the teeth


  • well-equipped
  • loaded up
  • well-furnished
  • tooled up

Antonyms for armed

(used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms

having arms or arms as specified


(used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns


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What is the track record of the armed forces or police in maintaining security of national stockpiles of small arms?
Kintex, a state-owned arms exporter established during the Communist era, has supplied clients ranging from Burundi--where it armed both government forces and insurgents fighting against them--to Croatia, which turned to Sofia for help during the Balkans war.
The political opposition and press have been largely silenced and Human Rights Watch says in its most recent report on Liberia that members of the police and armed forces act "with complete impunity" in carrying out harassment, extortion, mistreatment, killings, "disappearances," and torture.
As soon as he took possession, Taylor dispatched the plane to Niger to pick up a consignment of weapons from the armed forces, which were brought back to Liberia and sent to the RUF.
In order to preserve this image, al-Asad must sustain a large armed presence precisely in order to present to the world a show of force.