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The neutral backgrounds of the armchairs with palm prints, and wing chairs with woolen twill upholstery, balance the heaviness of the sofa.
If comfort is at the top of your list, a reclining armchair, such as the Parker Knoll Boston armchair is a must.
SPEND Foxford occasional armchair, Chatsworth Tartan PS545 from Alison at Home, www.
This unique piece is an elaboration of a classic Angelo Cappellini armchair that has been beautifully transformed into a work of art.
London, Feb 26 (ANI): A small brown leather armchair once owned by Yves Saint Laurent has become the most expensive piece of 20th-century design to ever be auctioned.
This 'Cube' armchair is an elegant expression of solidity and simplicity.
Your other lawn chairs will cower in shame when the clover armchair by Driade in weatherproof white polyethylene hits your back yard.
FOR a bloke who seldom left his Portuguese homeland, the Infante Dom Henrique, Duke of Viseu (1394-1460) - that's Prince Henry in English - managed to establish a reputation as one of the most visionary of armchair travellers.
s $350 million purchase of Weider Publications in 2002, he'd contented himself with the company's nutritional business and a sole history title, Armchair General, launched January 2004.
To suppress the ideal, heterodox clerics (and their apologists in the academy and media) engage in one, and usually several, of the following: evasion, ad hominems, pseudo-apologies, emotionalism, tendentious sloganeering, misplaced concreteness, and armchair psychoanalysis.
Three wonderful new armchair readers are highly recommended picks.
Her explorations of the Inside Passage and adventures with loggers, lightkeepers, fishermen, missionaries and other residents recounted in Bijaboji: North To Alaska By Oar creates an astounding adventure story armchair readers won't want to miss.
The Armchair Traveller series will cover the history of a set destination in the same vein as the Life & Times series.
Last week I made the defence for the much-maligned armchair fan.