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coil in which voltage is induced by motion through a magnetic field

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The evaluation was based on the three sketches, the armature expressed "body language," the artistry with papier-mache, the colors being consistent with typical Oaxaca animal figures, and the ornate details of each figure.
The sculpture here, much of which was begun in the '80s and completed in the '90s, still employs metal armatures and fabric and wire-mesh panels, but now the frames of wire and rods make for a skeletal lightness underscored by the presence of hand-formed white porcelain parts.
The armatures are circulatory systems that are functional and based in reality, be it anatomical (the ear), the circulation system of water (the dam), or the apparent consciousness of the bull.
This supply consists of Shut-off Valves and Piping Armatures to the power plant project NA4 in Naantali.
Since the sculpture had to be hollow and free-standing, another challenge was to figure out where armatures would be needed.
These armatures were then transported to Architectural Fiberglass of Long Island where the decorative fiberglass surrounds were created and installed around the stainless steel frame.
The hanging structure reiterates the outline of the planted terraces that crown the complex to which the Credac building belongs; it also invokes, but as if flattened out, the kinds of structural armatures imagined by Buckminster Fuller and others in their efforts to renew architectural thinking.
A graphite commutator, used in armatures that are fitted in fuel pump motors, allows consistent performance in many types and blends of fuels including gasoline, diesel, alcohol, ethanol and methanol.
The cibarial and pharyngeal armatures have been reported in blood-sucking mosquitoes.
Firing up to 15 shots per week on the laboratory's experimental railgun, researchers at NRL perform detailed testing and analysis of rails and armatures, providing S&T expertise to the Navy program that is directly applicable to tests at large-scale power levels.
Tenders are invited for Repair & Rewinding Of Stator & Armatures Of Electrical Machines.
Teams of four or five students brainstorm ideas and plan armatures for their golf-course sculptures.