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coil in which voltage is induced by motion through a magnetic field

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Table 1: Characteristics of Various Switch Types Switch Thermal Current Type Speed Offset 3-dB BW Rating Armature 7 to 16 ms 3 to 7 10 to 50 MHz 1 to 5 A [micro]V FET 1 ms 3 to 25 1 MHz 1 mA to 50 mA [micro]V Reed 2 ms 1 to 50 30 MHz 0 to 0.
In Drosophila larvae the cephalopharyngeal armature is a complex structure consisting of a pair of hooks which posteriorly articulate with the so-called H-piece (Jurgens et al.
Armatures of varying wall thickness were fired in order to determine the minimum wall thickness consistent with the desired armature performance (factor of two expansion with negligible armature breakup and jetting).
Capped studs, which protrude higher than uncapped studs, would brush against the armature.
2]) continues the manufacturer's use of a microprocessor-based vehicle control system that decouples the operation of the drive motor's armature from that of its field.
In these converters there is an electromagnetic interaction of the movable armature with a stationary inductor excited from a pulsed source, usually a capacitive energy storage (CES).
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 24, 2015-Ward Leonard Acquires Louisiana Motor, Generator Specialist Houma Armature Works
Aske Group OJSC has invested some $30mln in the construction of an armature plant in Armenia.
In [7], a 'pseudo' direct-drive machine was proposed, in which the armature windings are deployed along with the multi-pole PMs on the periphery of the modulating ring of the MG, and the modulating ring is connected to output shaft to offer low-speed rotation.
The standard philosophy within the rewind industry is to remove the armature and replace it with a 'keeper'; to stop the levels of the magnets degrading.
The replacement of the old wave spring on the armature with a thin, permanent magnet disc to disengage the armature plate when power is removed and to improve response times.
The newspaper acted as a simple armature to help the hollow structures retain volume.
The bulk of the four-channel projection details the slow movement of the divers through the water and the flexible armature of their plastic sphere.