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coil in which voltage is induced by motion through a magnetic field

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Houma Armature Works' comprehensive technical capabilities, 24/7 field service, test facilities and deep experience with marine solutions will broaden Ward Leonard's best-in-class offerings in the Energy, Heavy Industry and government markets.
This is the first Degauss Labs pairs a Dynamic driver is paired with a Balanced armature, possible through cutting edge earphone circuitry splitting the signal path appropriately.
Collector's thermal coupling with armature through armature winding sections contacts with commutator segments lugs.
John has an incredible gift for captivating a vast audience when it comes to educating and sharing information pertaining to the ever-changing world of information technology," said Rohan Gupta, Vice President of Sales at ARMATURE.
Nissan retailers will inspect the casting date of the steering wheel armature and where necessary replace the steering wheel at no cost to the customer.
Also explain that the unseen metal armature underneath the exterior of the sculpture not only supports the weight of over 70,000 flowering plants, but an extensive watering system, as well.
The firm's head of popular memorabilia, Neil Roberts, said: "This King Kong armature was instrumental in filming one of the most recognisable sequences in cinema history, and as such it is an exceptional relic of film memorabilia.
The metal armature less than 2 feet tall had been used in the film's climax.
Neglecting friction, windage and iron losses, the power developed by the armature in general can be written as:
For analytical analysis of distribution of the primary magnetic field in the air gap, a model for a non-magnetic gap including the zones of both air gap and permanent magnets between the armature and ferromagnetic surfaces of the inductor was created.
The costume, restored and mounted on an armature with a mask of Lahr's likeness, is a major attraction in a sale rich in Hollywood historic artifacts.
Have students attach the copper pieces to the wire armatures by folding over the edges onto the armature or by tying them on with wire.
The two-in-one oil temperature/pressure gauge uses a miniature motor with a high-torque neodymium armature in place of the more common ferrite-filled plastic piece used in high-volume gauge clusters.
velocity does not give a straight line, however, due to the fact that the armature of the generator possesses capacitive and inductive reactance.
As part of a $47,000 project, Royalston Arts built a steel armature, or skeleton, within the base and 11-ft.