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Armament test equipment technology has made significant progress in recent years; while some of this technology has seen limited deployment due to budgetary constraints and long refresh cycles on such equipment, the time has come for a re-examination.
In 2008 he was appointed as special assistant to the General Council for Armament, the senior acquisition and technology advisory board to the prime minister.
1), the basic function of defining and selecting new weapon-systems concepts for further development has remained at the core of armament developmental planning.
According to the poll, 17 LDP candidates, or 24 percent, said Japan should consider arming itself with nuclear weapons, depending on the international situation, while six, or 8 percent, said Japan should start a study on nuclear armament.
Air Force efforts to build partnerships through military-to-military contacts, operator-to-operator talks, security assistance, armaments cooperation, technology transfer, and personnel exchange programs establish personal and institutional relationships.
At the same time, a ferocious economic policy battle was being waged over foreign exchange reserves: Should they be used to buy food imports or raw materials for armament production, the latter being Hitler's primary purpose since he first took office?
coalition, he persists in trying to obtain armaments in order to reemerge as a dominant Arab leader.
The basic IAS missions are: * maintenance of airplanes, helicopters, gliders, aircraft engines, armament and equipment in serviceable and combat-ready condition * technically correct use of aviation equipment * supervision of the technical training of flying personnel and of the engineer-technical staff.
Contract notice: conduct of training on business and international relations, in the field of armament, for the benefit of staff of the directorate general of armaments and entities supported by the parisian support service of the central administration (spac) in 2 lots lot 1 development and export armament international 2 international knowledge in an armament context
TEHRAN (FNA)- A high-ranking Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) official said on Monday that the US continues to supply them with arms and has recently delivered 120 trucks loaded with heavy armament and armored vehicles for the Deir Ezzur operation.
From 2000 till 2007 the Armed Forces of Armenia were creating minimal reserve of armament, whereas since 2007
In particular, the company noted that increasingly complex armament systems with longer lifecycles require efficient.
The decisions made today will help Kyrgyzstan avoid mistakes in selection of armament to be provided by the Russian Defense Ministry, President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev said at the session of the Defense Council on July 5.
The mission of the Armaments Division is to provide a forum for industry, government and the military services to address issues which ensure a superior armament system capability.