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A website said armadillos carry rabies and leprosy, and if they or their babies die under your house, there is a very toxic stench that can take years to eradicate.
And when the company signed a deal to allow the service to be available on Samsung Smart TVs, Armadillo set about creating the pre-installed app to allow this to happen.
Campo Armadillo is defined as a "marginal field," one without significant oil production, and, although it will contribute somewhat to the national budget, revenue from it will be modest.
The Nine-banded Armadillo gets its name from the nine folds, or bands, found on its skin that allows it to be flexible.
The cast entered the Armadillo, which was over 30 metres long, and it turned in the stadium before the performers reappeared.
2009, one of us (RWS) recovered the intact, partially exposed tail tip of a large armadillo (MWSU-VP 14416) from a compact sand bank on the eastern shoreline of the Brazos River in Young County, Texas, approximately 3.
14,15) The nine-banded armadillo was introduced in North America about 170 (14,16) and indigenous infection in armadillos was observed more recently.
In this case, the young female nine-banded armadillo which joined the center was rescued from trafficking, presumably after having killed the mother, which is common when babies are seized or juveniles of any species.
Subsequently, the Drosophila protein armadillo was identified as a homolog of [beta]-catenin, not just in structure but also in function (Kemler, 1993).
A SELL-OUT crowd went wild about Harry Styles last night as he performed a solo concert at Glasgow's SEC Armadillo.
The launch of Armadillo Supplies follows outsourced services provider Smart Solutions' purchase of a 50% stake in the PPE business Celtic Industrial Supplies.
Although the transmission of leprosy is poorly understood, international migration of persons with leprosy is a more likely scenario for autochthonous transmission than contact with armadillos, especially if a case-patient has no history of armadillo exposure.
Screaming hairy armadillos get their names from the squealing noise they make when they feel threatened 6 as well as their abundant hair, which is not found on most other armadillo species.