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persuasion by the use of direct personal pressure

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This is why this provision is supposed for introduction to stop this kind of arm-twisting," MP Tekebayev explained.
Athens -- PNN - The ten ships of Freedom Flotilla Two, as a result of diplomatic arm-twisting and sabotage have faced a variety of setbacks as they attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.
The most common form of physical abuse was slapping or arm-twisting, which 50% of men said they had ever done.
Lisagor why the only way they could pass this legislation was with secret deals, bribes, and other arm-twisting style politics?
The news comes after a week of White House arm-twisting, which prodded BP to agree to a $20 billion fund for claims and a stepped-up oil recovery effort.
While New Hampshire lawmakers can rightfully take credit for passing the law, it shouldn't go without notice that it took a little convincing and some world-class media arm-twisting by AnnMarie Morse and her supporters to get them to pay attention in the first place.
Brack, who has retired from driving IndyCars and now operates a driver development program in his native Sweden, only agreed to race by the arm-twisting of a Swedish racing team's involvement.
Summary: Gordon Brown appears confident of securing a global deal at the G20 summit as he began a final round of diplomatic arm-twisting.
GORDON Brown will today begin a final round of diplomatic arm-twisting to rally support at this week's G20 summit in London for a package of measures to revive the ailing world economy.
The arm-twisting needed to back a third runway unearthed stiffer opposition to flogging off part of the Post Office.
It took months of arm-twisting, pleading, and pressure for the White House to secure passage (by just two votes in the House) on March 7, 2006.
After further prodding and arm-twisting, the Chinese may agree to such a step, well aware that the little improvement in their terms of trade is nice to have while international competitiveness is not seriously damaged.
after years of agitating, advocating, writing and arm-twisting, there wasn't even a hint of any possibility of change either provincially or federally and that is why we are in court today.
What Nafzger did not say was that Churchill's director of racing Donnie Richardson had to do some arm-twisting to get Nafzger to run anything in the two races because the trainer (as well as everyone else) knew full well there would be "a bear" entered in each of them.
Goodness knows, the government usually has enough power and can do enough arm-twisting to eventually get what it wants.