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The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of your upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder.
Schein and David Parris, the museum's curator of natural history, immediately recognized the fossil as a humerus - the large upper arm bone - from a turtle, but its shaft was broken so that only the distal end, or end nearest to the elbow, remained.
The arm bone and shoulder were then painstakingly reattached to Bethan's tiny body.
Due to the treatment, her arm bone is not strong enough and that's why she needs the platinum bone inserted," said Mrs Evans.
It commonly strikes the body's longer bones with 42 per cent occurring in the thigh bone (femur), 19 per cent in the shin (tibia), and 10 per cent per cent in the upper arm bone (humerus).
Mr Lieschke stated, "He was exposed to an explosive force, of sufficient intensity to deform metal and break an arm bone, and with the potential to cause shards of metal to fly off.
This large and long study of male veterans pinpointed several factors that independently raised the risk of breaking the hip bone, upper arm bone, or spine bones.
He noted the operation took two hours, during which his team removed the head of the arm bone, which is the circular part of the joint.
When the chest moves, we have to remember that "the chest bone is connected to the shoulder bone, and the shoulder bone is connected to the arm bone," as it were.
The partial skeleton was excavated over five years after the discovery of a fragment of the lower arm bone in 2005.
Then came the capper: In the last week of the season, Stefen Romero found out he had a fractured arm bone, and the Beavers were suddenly without their best power hitter.
While researchers are still trying to figure out how a clump of cells becomes a wing or flipper or arm, the order of events has been established: The upper arm bone forms first, then the forearm, then the wrist bones, and finally fingers or toes.
The fracture is actually at the top of the arm bone and often can be treated satisfactorily by management in a sling.
Me and my pup were up hiking around today and came across possibly an arm bone .
He was diagnosed with various laceration, contusions, soft tissue trauma, and a fracture of his upper right arm bone.