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a distance sufficient to exclude intimacy

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said Menneville, firing his pistol, almost within arm's length.
Then once more Robin held his kinsman off at arm's length and scanned him keenly from top to toe.
He saw her stagger to her feet, holding the baby at arm's length from her, her eyes glued in horror upon the little chubby face and twinkling eyes.
Essilor explained that while earlier progressive lens designs were based on a single distance for near vision, at 40cm, and in one viewing direction only, the Varilux X series lens can handle multiple near distances in a 40-70cm arm's length sphere, giving extended vision.
In Canada, provisions to deal with such conduct include prohibitions against gifting to a "non-qualified donee", and intermediate sanctions for gifting to a "non-qualified donee" and for conferring undue benefits on someone not acting at arm's length from a charity.
An employee is not eligible to claim El benefits and thus does not have to pay premiurns if he or she controls more than 40 per cent of the corporation's shares or if the employee and employer are not dealing at arm's length.
Prior studies have argued and regularly found that cultural distance is negatively related to bilateral export flows, which are the sum of arm's length and intra-firm exports.
Transfer pricing and the arm's length principle in international tax law.
That is, although the court accepted that sharing the stock option costs would be inconsistent with the arm's-length standard, there were instances in which the law imposed a requirement that went beyond arm's length.
financial transactions because the arm's length standard requires
It makes little sense to try keeping them at arm's length.
1 that is not a disposition), whether legally enforceable or not, that affects, or is intended to affect, in any way whatever, the acquisition or provision of property or services by the taxpayer or by another taxpayer that does not deal at arm's length with the taxpayer.
The reality is that the member of this rather casual panel who owned the tape recorder was no longer on the council and that Antonovich's office has held these advisory groups at arm's length - allowing them to make their own rules and handle any records they produced.
If someone disposes of an option before exercise, the tax treatment depends on whether the disposition is at arm's length.
Global transfer pricing documentation has become increasingly important as multinational corporations need to document that their multiple transfer prices are consistent with the arm's length standard.