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a distance sufficient to exclude intimacy

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"Take that, then!" said Menneville, firing his pistol, almost within arm's length. But before the cock fell, D'Artagnan had struck up Menneville's arm with the hilt of his sword and passed the blade through his body.
Then once more Robin held his kinsman off at arm's length and scanned him keenly from top to toe.
Well, indeed," said he, holding her off at arm's length, and looking admiringly at her, "you are a pretty little fellow.
He saw her stagger to her feet, holding the baby at arm's length from her, her eyes glued in horror upon the little chubby face and twinkling eyes.
Under the current KSA tax law, companies that are subject to KSA tax are already required to conduct related party transactions on an arm's length basis.
Based on the Interpretative Circular issued by the Cyprus Tax Department, intra-group financing arrangements must be taxed from July 1 onwards under the arm's length principals (transfer pricing rules).
Essilor explained that while earlier progressive lens designs were based on a single distance for near vision, at 40cm, and in one viewing direction only, the Varilux X series lens can handle multiple near distances in a 40-70cm arm's length sphere, giving extended vision.
Among the concerns was that certain transactions were among people or entities who were not "at arm's length".
The foundation of the new rules is the principle of dealing with related parties at an arm's length basis, Espenilla said in a recent interview.
MORE than 1,000 Cardiff Council staff could be transferred into a separate company run at arm's length from the council, under proposals revealed yesterday.
Ministers expanded the FOI laws two years ago to include new arm's length external organisations (ALEOs) - the sports, leisure and cultural trusts created by councils.
Upon negotiations with KPI company on an arm's length basis, both parties decided to terminate the contract on 13 August 2014.
Jetlines and Inovent are at arm's length and the proposed transaction does not constitute a non-arm's length qualifying transaction.
An employee is not eligible to claim El benefits and thus does not have to pay premiurns if he or she controls more than 40 per cent of the corporation's shares or if the employee and employer are not dealing at arm's length.
The Timing Issues Draft notes that countries have adopted two different approaches to applying the arm's length principle: (i) the "arm's length pricing approach," which is based on information available at the time the transaction was undertaken (also called an "'ex ante approach") and (ii) the "arm's length outcome testing approach," which tests the actual outcome of controlled transactions, generally undertaken at the end of the relevant year or when the return is filed (also called an "ex post approach").