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marine bivalve mollusk having a heavy toothed shell with a deep boat-like inner surface

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A study of Noah's Ark shell (Arca noae Linnaeus 1758) in Mali Ston Bay, Adriatic Sea.
The reproductive cycle and potential protandric development of the Noah's Ark shell.
Genome methylation level was negatively related to the shell length, the gross weight and the weight of soft body, but positively related to the shell broadness and the shell height of the ark shell Scapharca broughtonii (Sun et al.
The typical parts of Scapharca subcrenata shell and Burnt-end Ark shell are selected.
8, the wear masses of the Scapharca subcrenata rib pattern shell and the Burnt-end Ark shell increase with the relative sliding velocity being added.
The ark shell Scapharca subcrenata is a bivalve mollusc that inhabits muddy sediments in shallow coastal waters of the northwestern Pacific Ocean and is a commercially important species in China, Japan, and Korea.
It is not surprising that temperature plays an important role in the nature and extent of massive ark shell mortality (Cho et al.
KEY WORDS: ark shell, genetic characterization, mitochondrial DNA, COI gene, Scapharca broughtonii
The potential for aquaculture of the bearded horse mussel (Modiolus barbatus) and Noah's ark shell (Area noae) in southern Croatia.
KEY WORDS: ark shell, Scapharca broughtonii, age, growth, variation, shell sectioning and staining, water-based marking pen
KEY WORDS: subcrenated ark shell, Scapharca kagoshimensis, gametogenesis, reproductive cycle, glycogen content
In this study we examine changes in the mass of the gonads and somatic tissues of the tropical zebra ark shell Arca zebra (Swainson, 1833) throughout a year and relate the changes to environmental factors.
A member of the ark shell family (Arcidae), the ponderous ark, Noetia ponderosa (Say, 1822), is common throughout the estuarine and nearshore waters of the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas of the United States (Abbott 1974, Anderson et al.
A member of the ark shell family Arcidae, the blood ark, Anadara ovalis (Bruguiere 1789) occurs from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to the West Indies and Brazil, at depths ranging from the low-tide line to >3 m (Abbott 1974, Anderson et al.