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someone who specializes in arithmetic

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To meet Aristotle's objection, the Pythagoreans would have to show how numbers include more than the mathematical features that are posited by the arithmeticians who study them; they also include certain nonmathematical potentialities.
It's hard to know having just met you how skilled an arithmetician you are, but we'll go with your answer: two.
They were so long beneath his knees, from which extremity hung so many laces that no Arithmetician could have had the patience to count them.
like a political arithmetician, urges the state to step in and manage [mobility]'.
The "single irony" of Swift's projector personifies a political arithmetician, like Sir William Petty, gone mad--Swift's actual concerns with poverty taken to their deranged extreme.
University-based sociologists were writing about these matters but were inclined to stylise the past in terms of models that resembled the prescriptive writings of Robert Filmer, rather than the parish listings carefully drawn up by pre-industrial clergymen or the calculations of Gregory King, the seventeenth-century political arithmetician whom Laslett admired and upon whom a core of his own methodology is based.
1] The author was unknown to me and, though I, like everyone else, am naturally curious about "the magic of love," neither he nor his treatise -- to be perfectly frank -- would have retained my attention had it not been for the continuation of the title, which read: "It will be shown how Love is a metaphysician, a natural physicist, an astrologer, a musician, a geometrist, an arithmetician, a grammarian, a dialectician, an orator, a poet, a historiographer," and so on for a total of thirty-nine designations comprising love as an agriculturist, a wool manufacturer, an architect, a glass maker, a necromancer, a chiromancer, and a prognosticator.
Dr Johnson shows himself to be an able arithmetician, with Pythagorean and other harmonic relationships at his fingertips.
I heartily advise you to peg away at the arithmetic--do something at it every day--arithmetic is the foundation of all such things--(just as a good stone wall is the foundation for a house)--become a good arithmetician first of all--
He is not a complete or perfect arithmetician, who has domesticated all that he knows, but he is still an arithmetician.
Nineteenth-century arithmeticians did not have the advantage of electronic calculators to solve complex equations quickly.
From there, these arithmeticians cited published data to estimate that 75% of newly diagnosed people enter care within 6 to 12 months, while 80% to 90% get care within 3 to 5 years.
Great arithmeticians and number theorists include Diophantus of Mexandria, Pierre de Fermat, and Kurt Godel.
He is regarded by many as being one of the greatest arithmeticians of the 20th century for whom reliable records exist.
He was not a member of the Parisian corporation of writing masters, (12) and his disputes with the Academy of master writers, arithmeticians, mathematicians, and bookkeepers led to the discontinuation of "son cours gratuit de demonstration sur toutes les parties du Commerce" (13) [Gaignat de l'Aulnais, 1770, p.