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relating to or involving arithmetic


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Flat" numbers on a spreadsheet have a way of moving exponentially in the wrong direction, while only arithmetically in the right direction.
Arithmetically correct as he may be, it doesn't usually work out that way.
We treated every existing measurement point like a tent pole to a certain extent and arithmetically covered these poles with a tarpaulin.
The Hoops' 3-0 win over Hibs yesterday leaves them 15 points and 35 goals clear at THE TOP - although with f ive games remaining Motherwell are still arithmetically in the race.
Arithmetically, Ceausescu comes nowhere near Stalin in cruelty; but ethically, he is close.
Here the Malthusian theory applies: as drone attacks increase arithmetically, the number of Taliban increases geometrically.
It is arithmetically impossible for me to deliver your will unalloyed," he said.
High End Trimming Vacancy or Occupant sensors 15% Potential Saving Daylight Harvesting 15% Potential Saving Personal Control 0% Potential Saving Total Potential Saving equals 60% adding them arithmetically.
SL: The number of cases which have been made public of maltreatment of the Russian kids is not so arithmetically huge - it's nineteen.
Analysis of the Simpson-Bowles and Domenici-Rivlin deficit-reduction plans by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center confirms that this approach is arithmetically feasible.
Perhaps Mr Javid will demonstrate to us all that he is not arithmetically challenged and re-mark Miss Smith's examination paper on machine tax rates," William Hill boss Ralph Topping blogged this week.
In a painstaking analysis, the Tax Policy Centre showed that achieving all of Romney's top-line goals - a revenue-neutral overhaul that does not increase the tax burden of the middle class - is not arithmetically possible.
Arithmetically, the latter effect--increased durations on benefit--appears to have been even more important than increases in benefit inflow rates.
Although not statistically significant, SSW had arithmetically low levels of allelic richness, relative to those of other subpopulations, in the FSTAT analysis.
And Ryan has tried valiantly to make his spending cuts not just arithmetically sound but politically saleable.