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relating to or involving arithmetic


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Examples of logarithmical perceptions of numbers can be found among some peoples in the world who have not been formally trained to think arithmetically.
Soon, the following two equations, both of them arithmetically correct and end-to-end palindromical, enjoy their fifteen seconds of fame on the blackboard:
In Germany, deficits are widely viewed as morally, not only arithmetically, negative, even though this flies in the face of conventional economic reasoning and sound corporate practice.
Whereas Trump proposes an outsize $10 trillion in tax cuts and Cruz about $9 trillion, Rubio and Kasich have offered more economically and arithmetically plausible plans.
Based on courses written by mathematics professors at the University of Wurzburg for the August 2012 International Summer School, four papers explain how modularity can be useful when studying the asymptotic behavior of arithmetically interesting functions, the representation of real numbers by their continued fraction expansion or their expansion in some integer base, and the connections between multiplicative Toeplitz matrices and the Riemann zeta function.
Sounds very elementary, but the beautiful game is really arithmetically simple, UTB Up The Boro, to the Premiership and beyond.
There are dozens of electoral systems whose main aim is not to conjure majority governments from minority votes, but proportional representation: an elected body whose membership arithmetically reflects the electorate's votes - democratically, you might say.
As ystanbul's population increases arithmetically, transportation and other infrastructural problems are created and these increase geometrically.
Expressed arithmetically, zero is higher and thus more attractive than a negative interest rate.
This book explores the relationship between such Abelian varieties over finite fields and over arithmetically interesting fields.
The former chief justice claimed that the Ombudsman committed an "error" in counting the alleged principal as income when it was re-deposited or 'rolled-over' and also counting the same deposits repeatedly as new deposits "so as to arrive at an arithmetically exaggerated and bloated alleged ending balances.
In 1796 Thomas Malthus published An Essay on the Principle of Population in which he maintained that the population of the world increases geometrically with time while food supplies increase only arithmetically.
Flat" numbers on a spreadsheet have a way of moving exponentially in the wrong direction, while only arithmetically in the right direction.
We treated every existing measurement point like a tent pole to a certain extent and arithmetically covered these poles with a tarpaulin.
The Hoops' 3-0 win over Hibs yesterday leaves them 15 points and 35 goals clear at THE TOP - although with f ive games remaining Motherwell are still arithmetically in the race.