arithmetic progression

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(mathematics) a progression in which a constant is added to each term in order to obtain the next term

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As the eigenvalues of [GAMMA]/[PI] are in arithmetic progression and [rho] [greater than or equal to] 3, neither type (I), (IA), (II), (IIA) nor (III) can occur.
The value of the median increases along with the increase of the arithmetic progression for each age group
Points P and Q, moving along at different rates in Figure 1, PB decreasing in geometric progression while CQ increases in arithmetic progression, would necessarily fall in the jurisdiction of the mathematics of change, namely calculus.
124," however, contained "4," a number associated with magic in both West African and Western cultures; and instead of a simple arithmetic progression, each successive number in "124 "doubles the preceding number, creating an open-ended geometric progression (Jeanette K.
Thus, one might reasonably say that the means of subsistence increase by arithmetic progression.
Social Security, by contrast, is a simple arithmetic progression that "is sustainable forever, provided that the number of new people entering the system maintains a rough balance with the number of people collecting from the system.
As an adjective in such phrases as arithmetic progression or arithmetic relationship, means in a constant additive way (e.
while the food supply tended to increase in arithmetic progression (2, 3, 4, 5.
amp;uot;In this digital continuum that surrounds us today, change seems to be on more of a geometric rather than arithmetic progression,&uot; said Chris Worrall, Vice President of Server Product Marketing and Management, Hitachi Data Systems.