arithmetic progression

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(mathematics) a progression in which a constant is added to each term in order to obtain the next term

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As an adjective in such phrases as arithmetic progression or arithmetic relationship, means in a constant additive way (e.
amp;uot;In this digital continuum that surrounds us today, change seems to be on more of a geometric rather than arithmetic progression,&uot; said Chris Worrall, Vice President of Server Product Marketing and Management, Hitachi Data Systems.
Using the sum of an arithmetic progression with common difference 1, it can be shown that the nth triangular number is given by
Progressive primes A computer search revealed an arithmetic progression consisting of 23 primes, the longest such sequence yet found (sciencenews.
Its consonants occur in clusters, each separated by the vowel E, to form the basic arithmetic progression 1,2,3: P, PP, RTR.
An arithmetic progression (AP) is a sequence of numbers having the same difference between every pair of successive numbers.