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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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Consider, first, the test of the null hypotheses regarding the arithmetic means.
Equation 1 is an expression for an average known as the arithmetic mean.
Figure 13a shows the arithmetic mean of log [eta] from the entry to the exit.
Values of the analysed properties (Godec, 2005) Arithmetic mean Moulded part property / Hybrid Classic Injection moulding parameter mould mould Mass (g) 8,26 7,82 Dimension_1 (mm) 100,22 100,03 Dimension_2 (mm) 58,12 57,97 Deformation_1 (mm) 1,59 1,47 Deformation_2 (mm) 0,98 0,93 Tensile impact strength (kJ/[m.
The analysis concludes by comparing geometric and arithmetic means.
At 5-6 hr after spraying began, concentrations had diminished, but indoor concentrations now exceeded those outdoors, with arithmetic means of 244 CFU/[m.
This test will judge if the two arithmetic means are equal ([H.
Arithmetic means ([micro]m) of the surface roughness values according to the test variables Cutting Operation Rake Feed speed Arithmetic direction angle (m/min) Means ([degrees]) Ra ([micro]m) 6 4,58 15 12 5,76 18 6,07 24 6,35 Radial Planing 20 6 3,86 12 5,16 18 5,68 24 6,18 25 6 4,46 12 5,19 18 6,47 24 6,85 Tab.
L](*) in the section planes (the mean number of chords per unit length of the test line) were determined as the arithmetic means of intercept counts in systematically selected six directions [[alpha].
Without boring everyone, the simple arithmetic means that light travelling at 186,000 miles per second would take approximately one three-millionth of a second to cross a racetrack that is 50 yards wide and come back.
Because there are arguments for using both geometric and arithmetic means, we present two sets of AF estimates, one based on each type of mean.
02 (a) * Arithmetic means and standard deviation; Different superscripts between rows characterize significant differences (P < 0.
The data points or their arithmetic means may then be displayed in a ternary diagram.