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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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Given the estimated risk premia found above (Tables 1 and 2), a question is whether to use geometric or arithmetic means.
Two of the four select models employed arithmetic means, one used the geometric mean, and the IEUBK model default scenario uses individual observations and assumes the effect of soils beyond the home yard is included in house dust.
The CPI uses a hybrid of geometric and arithmetic mean calculation, depending on whether "lower level" or "upper level" indexes are being constructed.
The arithmetic mean of the log-transformed outcome is the logarithm of the sample geometric mean.
Table 3 shows no significant difference in computer self-efficacy perception of trainees by PC ownership, despite the arithmetic means of the students who own computers being relatively higher than those who do not.
0]: We suppose that arithmetic mean of the Internet utilization frequency (except social networks) in order to look for a job from the point of view of male is equal to arithmetic mean of the Internet utilization frequency in order to look for a job from the point of view of female and at the same time we suppose that the difference between them, if it exists, is caused by coincident variation of selection results.
With the number of federal hours worked held constant, the answer to that question depends on the difference in arithmetic means between the wages of such workers in the federal and private sectors.
It is more obvious for winsorized and arithmetic means especially when the variances are 1:1:10 and 1:1:1:10 under Chi-Square distribution with 3 d.
Geometric and arithmetic means for mean years of schooling and for income are calculated with the Microdata samples provided by the American Community Survey (U.
The arithmetic means that Labour can win with 35 per cent of the vote, while Cameron needs to get 40 per cent - a huge challenge for a second-term premier.
for the geometric, logarithmic and arithmetic means of positive numbers x, y respectively.
The calculation of mobile averages, as arithmetic means of two consecutive terms, from which one is repeated:
Apart from the debate, Vazquez (1995) formulates a measure of arc elasticity that is in line with the characteristics of point elasticity and Haque (2005) shows the potential of using arithmetic means to approximate harmonic means in the computation of elasticity.
To be coldly analytical, the arithmetic means that beneficiaries will not gain financially from this as compared with their position if they had been left the whole of an estate and the charities had been left nothing.
For the data analysis; percentages, arithmetic means, Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal-Wallis, Pearson Correlation Test and non-parametric correlations were used.