arithmetic mean

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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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As for the 'System Quality' dimension, it measured an arithmetic mean of (3.95) and a standard deviation of (0.57), which indicates that questionnaire respondents find the system quality high.
Whether this linear combination should be a pure arithmetic mean (k = 0.5) or a weighted average (for the one-third rule, k = 0.333) is tested in Table 1, in which values of [E.sub.s], b, and P representative of near-sea level conditions for a range of dry-bulb temperatures and y (from Sadeghi et al.
The experimental (E) group showed statistically significant improvements in the most of outcome variables compared with the arithmetic mean of the initial measurement compared to the final measurement.
The classical Bonferroni mean is an extension of the arithmetic mean and its generalized by some researchers based on the idea of the geometric mean [61].
The counter representation can also be used to establish, for example, that (n + 2) is the arithmetic mean of n, (n + 2) and (n + 4).
The CPI uses an arithmetic mean (or Laspeyres) formula for all upper level index calculation, but employs a geometric mean for approximately 60 percent of all lower level indexes in terms of weight (a Laspeyres formula is used for the remaining 40 percent).
Obviously the inclusion (20) is reduced to ordinary harmonic mean and ordinary arithmetic mean for p = 1 and p = -1, respectively.
As shown in Table 1, the arithmetic mean obtained from five running results according to M-GSO algorithm is w = (0.4530, 0.1098,0.1851, 0.2521), and the importance sequence is [u.sub.1] > [u.sub.4] > [u.sub.3] > [u.sub.2].
The arithmetic mean of the log-transformed outcome is the logarithm of the sample geometric mean.
Table 1 shows slight differences in arithmetic mean between the classes.
[H.sub.0]: We suppose that arithmetic mean of the Internet utilization frequency (except social networks) in order to look for a job from the point of view of male is equal to arithmetic mean of the Internet utilization frequency in order to look for a job from the point of view of female and at the same time we suppose that the difference between them, if it exists, is caused by coincident variation of selection results.
Because of differences in wage dispersion within the sectors for people with similar characteristics, the answer depends critically on the definition of "average." Pooling results from all education levels, I find that the arithmetic mean of hourly wages was about 2% greater among federal workers than among similar workers in the private sector.
Arithmetic mean, standard deviation, independent sampling t test, ANOVA and Scheffe tests were performed on collected data.
In this study the effect of using trimmed winsorized and modified means instead of arithmetic mean on type-I error rate was investigated when the assumptions of the one-way ANOVA were not satisfied.